Top 5 Robots You Can Buy
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Rise of robotic butlers, robotic vacuum cleaners of house and pool cleaners.
ROBOTS NOW EVERYWHERE, from virtual assistants to automated butlers and industrial robots. The era of machines is already happening here and now and there is no turning back. While Facebook, Google and other artificial intelligence (AI) assistants, and Boston Dynamics are building sci-fi four-legged robots that are terrified by real dogs, but dance great, there are a huge number of smart robots that the average layman can buy.

For those interested in the latest in robots, here’s a list of the best robots and androids you can buy today.

Robot Pudding Emelya from Roobo

A friend who is always in touch. Chat on different topics. Listen to music and fairy tales. He will remember your name and will call you affectionately by name when they meet. He will tell about his planet, and a very emotional pixel face will depict surprise and joy. It can be controlled both through the application and by voice. Learns, listens carefully to your request. When going to work or school, be sure to ask him about the weather, this will allow you not to forget your umbrella. An excellent camera that can be controlled via the app and can be recorded when needed.

Your child will be able to play cities and numbers with him. Emelya will include her favorite bedtime story. You and your child from 5 years old will not be bored with it.

Robot For Cleaning Swimming Pools DOLPHIN S200

The pool is great, but when it comes to taking care of it, it immediately feels unpleasant. A super robot vacuum cleaner for pools of the Israeli company Dolphin will help get rid of them. It will easily clean a pool up to 12 meters long faced with glass, ceramic mosaics of any size, PVC foil and composite pools. It can clean the bottom, bottom line, walls and water line for 2 hours.

Darwin Robotis Mini

Darwin Robotis Mini is a robot for craftsmen and technologists. The younger brother of the advanced and attractively expensive DARwin-OP, the Robotis Mini is a set of open source humanoid robots with parts that can be 3D printed, making it an ideal platform for experimentation. Robotis MiniAt is an OpenCM9.04 embedded controller board that acts like a robot’s brain and offers ports to support the addition of other modules such as ultrasonic sensors. You also get the Android R + mobile app to program and control the robot from your smartphone, while the R + Task and R + Motion software lets you program more complex tasks and movements into the robot from a PC.

Roomba I7 +

We can do the cleaning with love, especially when a serious high-tech robot vacuum cleaner can be bought on the market. That’s why we love IRobot, the Roomba i7 + Robot Vacuum Cleaner, which packs in all the latest features. It wanders around the house trying to clean up dust, hair and debris for up to six hours on a single charge, which is essential for proper cleaning. Its small size means that it can get into nooks and crannies, although we hope that it will also have enough electronic convolutions to get back 🙂 It can be controlled both by voice and through the application. He will remember the route and rooms himself, clean them up and clear of debris. This is just the ultimate dream! The only question is that if suddenly he leaves you, you will learn to clean again, because you will lose this skill forever. Sure, it won’t win any big engineering or robotics prizes, but when it comes to having to worry about sweeping at a reasonable price, there’s no doubt that this bot vacuum cleaner comes first.

Pepper Robot

Pepper Robot is a fun and polite telepresence robot. He can act as a concierge, guide, administrator and other assistants important to us. If you need to sing and dance, no question, he will cope)

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