Using EA for FF PSA day to day operation’s 

FinancialForce PSA is a product to the cloud platform and delivers on-platform analytics, and a complete game changer Embedded analytics help us to look at any single transaction with a complete process for e.g., quote-to-cash journey, from the original customer quote through the final accounting entry in the General Ledger. 

This helps the executives with a view into everything, from exactly how the quote turned into an assignment and an individual’s timecard to the customer invoice. It is possible to initiate with the General Ledger and trace it back to the original quote, with the data in real-time about everything in between, including the billing and timecards submitted.

This state equals a Business 360 and Customer 360 view because from any point along the process, any assigned user within the company can clearly see every transaction and data point associated with a customer. Which gives an understanding of what is happening with each customer engagement and its effect on the overall business. 

Accurate and real time data from a single source paves the way for truly customer-centric business operations and culture, and the ability to deliver the most innovative customer experience.

A real-time, accurate view of data empowers the organization to handle every Professional Services-related activity more efficiently and improve the overall process. Because of the deeper understanding what is happening with each Professional Services engagement – and all engagements in total – employees can make decisions that optimize business. 

For e.g.  A view that enables the employees to easily answer questions such as:

When am I able to notify the client that we are going over budget?

How quickly can we notify need for a change order?

Will I be able to keep the project moving forward without unnecessary delays?

Accurate information also ensures the company can:

share project status with Confidence

Understand real-time accessibility of Professional Services resources

Ensure to trace and audit for better financial control

Also with the Salesforce platform, Customer Communities can even empower clients with self-service capabilities, including tracking project status and paying invoices in few clicks. 

Modern analytics solutions can be directly applied to company financials, allowing finance teams to track traditional metrics, and predict insights. Insights predicting help finance teams predict future rates of renewal, churn, and expansion as well as generate forecasts. 

These new platforms can do so much more than just traditional spreadsheets, with embedded business intelligence and AI technologies that allow us to have a greater depth of insight., Einstein Analytics, provide the data at a row or transaction level rather than aggregating it or summarizing it. Which means that financial professionals do not have to search for the data but can immediately use it as it is already a few clicks away and linked to financial reporting. Saving time like this will increase business efficiency. 

It is still important for analysing performance, but it cannot be the sole basis for current action. Today, financial leaders must recognize financial analysis needs to consider predicted future outcomes and forecasting to allow for effective decisions to be made in real-time. 

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