Gaining Weight After 50 Years

Vereasons Why You Start Gaining Weight After 50 Years

Thought of changes in weight gain in the ’50s is coming under common consideration unless there is a health issue involved.

Some people have a surprising increase in weight without their knowledge. So let’s see the reasons for gaining weight after 50 years.

Loss of muscle mass

Loss of muscle mass is known as sarcopenia. It is an age-related problem; once the body starts losing muscle, then the fat accumulation in the body gets started. After 30, the muscle gets lost up to 3% – 8% per decade. It eventually shows an effect on a slow metabolism. So let’s calculate how much you will lose muscle at the age of 50 if it is kept out of consideration. For example, once you lose muscle every 24 hours, the consumption of calories decreases by 250 calories. This is going to accumulate 5 pounds of fat in your body within 14 days.

Intake of Food

An increase in carbs, packaged foods, and processed foods in your diet will increase the fat content. Little extra stuffing sometimes isn’t bad, but age doesn’t allow you the license to eat without adding extra pounds. An unplanned change in lifestyle makes one put on weight without their acknowledgment. Drinking alcohol, beverages, and soft drinks every day without limit counts.

Sleep – Stress

Sleep and stress are both in sync. If there is a lack of sleep, then stress follows it. If there is a lack of stress, then sleeplessness will follow it. Both of these are interlinked.

  • When you are sleep deprived,
    • Your hormones will go crazy, and this increases your food intake.
    • Less movement in the body leads to a lack of inactivity that doesn’t give a chance to reduce fat in the body.
    • Food temptation will increase to a level where you can’t resist the food in front of you.
    • Nighttime cravings will take place.
    • Exercise and workout at the gym can help you relieve stress, that may be due to loneliness, aging, health problems, denture wearing, etc.
  • When you get stressed
    • The body tends to release a fat-storing hormone called cortisol that promotes visceral fat that accumulates around internal organs, which is dangerous.
    • Self-soothing with food brings a spark in your brain’s reward system, and it makes you feel better temporarily.

Hormonal changes

At the age of 50, there will be a change in the release of hormones in both males and females.

  • In females, the stage of menopause(when ovaries aren’t able to produce estrogen and progesterone ), which starts at around the age of 45- 55, will lead to a definite change in weight. The excess amount of fat stored around the midsection will increase as compared to the hips and thighs.
  • In males, Testosterone plays a critical role in the overall development of the male body. When testosterone production is reduced, muscle mass loss and bone mass loss start. This will aid weight gain in the male body.

Mindful eating is important to every person. If you are looking to maintain your body weight according to your age, then supplements like Nucific Bio X4 will help. These supplements provide necessary nutrition without those extra calories at the age of 50, and your body doesn’t support all kinds of foods. Practice mindful eating, and don’t forget to exercise at least thrice a week.

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