Increase your Laptop Security

As laptops become more and more a part of our everyday lives, the need for increased security becomes more pressing. Increase your Laptop Security- There are several methods that you can use to protect your laptop from prying eyes.

Here are a few of the most effective ways to increase laptop security:

Fingerprint Scanners

Probably the most well-known way to secure a laptop is with fingerprint scanners. Most laptops now have this feature, which allows you to swipe your finger over the scanner in order to sign in. The beauty of these devices is that robbers won’t know if they are fake or real, making it impossible for them to use your computer without permission. Password protections are also necessary for helping prevent unauthorized access to your laptop. There are a lot of laptops with fingerprint readers, and if you’re thinking to buy one, then Try10 has a great selection of laptops with fingerprint readers.

Password Protection

Much the same as on a computer, you should have a hard-to-guess password to protect your laptop from unauthorized access. If a burglar enters an easy password such as “1234” or simply tries to guess random passwords, they could have access to all of your files in no time. Instead of using those simple sequences, try making up a series of numbers and letters that won’t be guessed by someone trying to hack into it. However, don’t choose something so difficult either because if you forget it, you’ll never be able to get back into your computer.

It’s best to go with a complex password that you can remember.

Lock your Laptop

The easiest way for someone to steal information from your laptop is by simply accessing it themselves whenever they want without you knowing about it. That’s why its important to have the screen locked when not in use, so that prying eyes are kept away. You can set things up so that it locks automatically after 20 minutes of idle time if using Windows 7 or Mac OS X Lion operating systems, but other laptops will allow you too as well. Another thing you should do is set up a login password because then only people who have access to the login password can unlock your computer screen before actually logging into their system accounts first. One last layer of protection is to set up a screensaver password. This way, if someone tries to start your laptop without knowing your login information, it will be locked before they are able to access anything else on the computer.

Security Layers

The more security measures you can put in place for protecting your laptop, the better off you’ll be. While most people only think about needing protection from outside hackers, there is also the possibility that someone with physical access to your laptop might be able to unlock it and then use it at their leisure. The best way to protect yourself is by using all of these layers together so that even if one layer fails, another will kick in and prevent any damage from being done. For example, have multiple different passwords where one prevents unauthorized access to your laptop while another unlocks the computer.

How to Prevent Hackers?

Most computers are not secure when they are hacked or attacked by someone so you should know about the ways to prevent hackers.

It is easy for attackers to get access to your computer if you don’t take steps in securing it. So, if an attacker manages to get into your system then he can gain access to all of your personal information and details that you have stored in there.

There are many anti-hacking applications that can be used in order to secure your computer from any kind of attacks done by hackers. Some of them are listed below:

Anti-Hacking Applications

Being Windows user, you need to install antivirus software in order to protect your system from any malicious attack done through internet or email attachments. You also need to keep the Windows Firewall turned on and should check for updates and install them regularly.

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Email Security

It’s critical to secure your emails because many of them contain passwords, credit card numbers and other personal details that attackers can use for stealing important information. So, it is important to keep your email safe from any kind of hacking attack done by attackers. For protecting your emails, you need to employ different security features such as SSL or virtual private networks (VPN). You can also turn on the two step verification process that will send a verification code in order to access your account so this way even if hackers manage to steal your password they won’t be able to access your account.

Social Media Protection

You should protect yourself from being hacked through social media websites because you might be sharing your personal information with others. So, change the settings of your social media accounts in order to limit the access that is given to other people. And also remove everything from your profile page that contains details about your address and contact number.

Hacking Prevention Tips | Increase your Laptop Security

There are many tips available over the internet which will help you in preventing hackers from entering your system. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Install antivirus software in order to keep malware away from the computer.
  2. You should block all unused ports in your router because they may be used by attackers in order to gain access to your network.
  3. Enable firewalls in order to prevent hackers from accessing your system remotely.
  4. Don’t click on unknown links that appear on emails, instant messaging applications and websites because this is one of the most common ways through which attackers get access to victims’ computers.
  5. You should not connect your computer with any other devices or laptops unless you are sure about their safety by checking their security settings.
  6. Delete cookies after every browsing session so that attackers cannot get hold of your personal information when you are not connected to the internet.
  7. Never share your password with anyone else otherwise it can be misused in order to hack your accounts so change the passwords often.


In order to protect your computer from being hacked, you need to take steps in securing it. Some of the ways through which you can prevent hackers from getting access to your computer are listed above so use them and keep your personal details safe.

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