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Check How to Save Instagram Stories on Android Device

Instagram Stories allows users to post videos and photos to their followers. They automatically delete within 24 hours. It’s true that Instagram isn’t the only company to launch a similar feature. Snapchat is. Its feature is actually an emulation that of Snapchat Stories. However, even though it’s an exact copy, we appreciate this feature because it lets us share various moments from our lives with acquaintances. When you log into Story Saver Story Saver app with your Instagram account, you’ll get a list of the accounts that you’ve been following and have shared Instagram Stories with. For saving to your smartphone simply tap on your name, (whether photos or videos.

When you follow someone who shares an Instagram story the story will be displayed in the bar for stories (pictured above) located in the upper right-hand corner the feed. You are able to view the account as frequently you want before it disappears. You can also reply to the story. The reply will be sent as directly messages sent to the individual who shared the story. There isn’t a option to save other people’s Instagram stories on your phone and, at the very least, there’s no option to do so within the official Instagram application. Buy Instagram followers Sweden for your business or personal profile. موقع كرة

Keep your Instagram story to the app

Instagram provides you with the ability to save your personal stories in the app. follow these procedures to save an Instagram post.

⦁ Go to Instagram and then tap on the Your Story button in the top left corner of your screen.

⦁ Tap more in the lower right corner at the bottom of the display.

⦁ To save your story, tap save photo or save video to save it and then save it to your device.

⦁ Keep all of your Instagram Stories to view later

If you’d like to learn about your past you’ve posted to your profile, you’ll need to enable the Archive feature that is offered by Instagram. By using the feature you will be able to look through all in the application. Follow these steps to enable this feature.

⦁ Start Instagram on your mobile device and tap the profile icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

⦁ In the upper-right edge of the display, click on the icon with three bars and select Settings.

⦁ Open Privacy and tap on History.

⦁ Scroll down until you find the Savings section. Turn on the Save the history option. العاب جديدة اون لاين

⦁ You can also choose to Save Story to Gallery to automatically save the story to your device each time you publish it on Instagram. كازينو 777

⦁ To view all your archives , tap the + icon in the Stories Highlights to see them.

Use Instagram Highlights to Save Your Instagram Stories

Instagram launched the Highlights feature, which allows you to display your most popular stories to Instagram. Highlights feature allows you to display your favorite stories directly on Instagram profile. You can make the number of Highlights as you want that appear under your bio on the profile as tiny round icons. You or your followers can quickly view and revisit any story you’ve highlighted previously. Looking for new YouTube Subscribers? Just Click here to get.

⦁ Open Instagram and click on Your Story in the upper right corner on the app.

⦁ Click the Highlight button right next to the Share button located in the bottom left edge of your screen.

⦁ Make sure you give your highlight a fresh name or select the name of a highlight that you have previously designed.

⦁ Click “Add” to make it.

⦁ Go to your profile, and you’ll see your story was preserved for you to use as your Instagram feature on your timeline.

⦁ Replay this highlight by tapping it to replay the whole story.

You can download any Instagram story by using the online tool.

If you’d like to download Instagram stories of other users you can do so quickly and easily using some online tools. Be aware that you can only download stories from users who are public Instagram users. This method is not applicable for private accounts. Take these steps in order to accomplish the identical.

The final word how do I save Instagram Stories on Android Devices

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