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Full management of dedicated server hosting

If you are tired of sharing your hosting and server solution with others, the dedicated server is the solution for you. A dedicated server gives you better control, more power, and more security. With your own server, there will no longer be noisy neighbors who will disrupt the performance of your site! You will have access to all the resources of the server and the power you need. Plus, with our dedicated server experts who manage and monitor your server performance at all times, you can focus on your business. Fully managed VPS hosting allows you to spend more time taking care of your business and customers.

We provide a complete server administration solution so you can focus on the success of your business.

Migration to Monhosteur

Let our team of web migration specialists do your migration quickly, easily, and seamlessly to our reliable and secure web hosting solutions.

Discover the extent of our expertise!

For the past ten years, through meetings with our customers and the services offered, we have helped over 1000 companies like yours to manage their hosting solution.

Do you want to launch a website soon? It all starts with web hosting. This service is often misunderstood by even the most seasoned developers!


Let’s first define what web hosting is. When you go to a website from your browser, your computer receives a message written in the languages ?? of the web. Your browser translates this language into the form you know: images, texts, CTA buttons, everything that makes up a web page.

This code comes from different files that need storage space: this space is called a server. The latter consists of a computer that contains memory, a hard drive, and an operating system.

So back to the main topic: the web host is the company that owns the servers where information related to your website is stored. Typically, in addition to selling space on servers, web hosts also offer server management, IT support, antivirus, and website backup services.


As mentioned earlier, four types of hosting are offered to website owners: shared, VPS, dedicated and cloud.


Shared hosting works as follows: several websites – even 1,000 to 3,000 websites – share the resources of ONE server.

That would only leave 20% of memory for the 2,999 other sites on the same server.

Can shared hosting be a good option? YES!


VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting is an excellent solution in terms of value for money. Although it is also a shared environment, this type of web hosting is limited to a maximum of 20 sites on the same server.

VPS hosting is an egalitarian solution: all sites on a server have the same memory and the same space on the server’s hard drive.

VPS is flexible in configuration and gives developers a lot of options. The same goes for budgets: the price of VPS hosting ranges from $ 80 to $ 450 per month.


Preferred option for sites that receive more than 100,000 visitors per month. The name suggests, it is a single server that hosts a single website.

The main disadvantage of dedicated hosting is that it requires superior IT and hosting skills.

Dedicated hosting is essential for the following two types of websites: those with highly specialized hardware needs and those for whom data confidentiality is the priority.


The latest type of web hosting, cloud computing is essentially an improved version of VPS.

This is an option for large businesses due to the many options available for IT security. This type of hosting has been designed to withstand attacks from hackers.


Choosing a type of accommodation can be complicated. The first step is to understand your needs. Once it’s done, don’t just call one supplier: shop! Prices vary depending on options, including RAM, hard drive space, content delivery network, bandwidth, and more.

Where to proceed to web hosting in Pakistan?

Web Hosting in Karachi has been part of Oxalide’s core business for over ten years now. You will be able to find there personalized help and support, and tailor-made, by experienced professionals for your website hosting project or your company’s information system in Pakistan.

The Cloud, a hosting solution that is on the rise

Cloud Computing entered the corporate world more than a decade ago and its use is now part of common practice for companies of all sizes and all categories. Offering practicality and substantial financial savings since it does not require the establishment of dedicated infrastructures to host an expensive information system and storage space, it provides valuable services to companies that do not have funds to invest in or whose premises do not offer enough space to accommodate one or more physical servers.

In order to meet the needs of the thousands of French companies who find themselves in these situations, many companies have specialized in providing web hosting in Karachi. It is however recommended to choose your host well in order to optimize the functionality and accessibility of your tools on the Cloud.

What is web hosting?

With the evolution of the services offered on the internet and that of the behavior and habits of consumers and internet users in Pakistan, web hosting is currently a booming sector. This type of service is aimed at owners of future websites as well as companies that opt ?? for the outsourcing of their IS, servers, and business applications on the Cloud.

Indeed, web hosting consists in making available to these professionals, a space for storing data, files, and applications on a server connected to the internet in order to make them available to users. They can choose between shared hosting or dedicated hosting, depending on their needs and the requirements of their jobs.

Given the challenges of the quality of web hosting services, web hosts must acquire hardware and software resources

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