What is BattleMetrics

BattleMetrics RUST is an online RCON service that permits us to handle the supported matches to the degree to which RCON is encouraged by the game programmers. know What is BattleMetrics?

It supplies us with the following attributes to name a couple:

VAC prohibit detection

Automatic activates

Player database

Synchronized panelists together with all servers

Android/iPhone Programs


Action logs

Server controls

This tutorial will teach you, the way to utilize this web tool to admin our servers that are supported simpler and quicker.


To find login information, follow the steps in the Senior Admin thread for an invitation.


This part will help you through accepting the invitation to an organization.

Accepting the invitation

as soon as you were advised that an account was made, check your email and check for email out of battlemetrics (Inside 3 times! ).

Open it and follow the hyperlink.

Enrolling in

as soon as you’ve followed the link in the email, you’ll have to log in (or create an account if you haven’t already done this).

Many people today find it a lot easier to register through STEAM (personal taste but NOT advocated ).

Then you’ll have to accept the invitation.

Come back to the Senior Admin thread and answer to confirm that you’ve accepted the invitation.

Then your accounts will be altered to have the right access level.


The invitation expires within 3 days.

You have to confirm that you’ve accepted the invitation prior to you receive complete access.

Prior to utilizing the Battlemetrics, then you have to return to your email inbox and stick to the new link from fresh email and confirm that your accounts.

It could be much easier to make an account on battlemetrics before requesting access.


when you’ve logged in, you’ll find the home page (minus the servers).

The little head (top right) is your account settings. Here you may change your password, email, alarms, and other private Profile information.

Other choices will be explained individually.


As you can see from the house page picture you’ll be able to add our servers in order that they look for ease of accessibility.

To add servers to an own homepage follow the steps below:

choose the Programs tab.

Input [RIP] Rusty from the Search field and Pick the Search button.

From the returned record, pick one of those servers and select the Favourite button.

The machine will appear in your own BattleMetrics Home webpage and you’ll have the ability to observe the gamer’s chart.

From that webpage or if you pick the server in the Home page you’ll be able to view detailed data of the host.

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