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What is the Role of Transcreation in Marketing?

To deal with people that speak different languages, companies take advantage of professional translation services. Global companies around the world are spending up to 6% to 14% of their revenue on marketing campaigns. The marketing campaigns are then translated into the language of the target market. Only translation services are not sufficient here. Transcreation works best for marketing campaigns. 

You must be wondering why? This is because transcreation recreates your message while staying intact with the original content, and the purpose of it is to evoke emotions among the people. These emotions compel people to buy your products and services. 

Transcreation Helps to Captivate the Audience 

Global businesses must captivate and engage the target market to thrive in this fiercely competitive world. With the help of transcreation services, you can easily captivate potential customers by connecting with their emotions. The transcreation message makes them feel as if the foreign product is manufactured in their home country. In 2014, Apple made a touching Christmas commercial. In that commercial, the granddaughter found a vinyl old record of her grandmother. 

She then used Mac to play the vocals and a guitar. When the grandmother listened to that song, she became very happy. This same commercial was released in China, where they transcreated the video by replacing the new year with the Chinese new year.  Although the video of the commercial was different. However, the intended message remained the same. 

Transcreation: Essential Part of Global Marketing 

In ancient times, global marketing revolved around English because it was a language of business. At present, due to globalization, you need to communicate with people in a language that they understand. The world of marketing has changed due to the proliferation of the internet. You can upload a video regarding your product and services on the internet, and your message can be conveyed to the masses in the blink of an eye. But make sure to go for professional video translation services before putting your video on the internet. 

Failure to transcreate the content in the target market’s language can ruin all your marketing investments. This means that if you want your brand to gain popularity in foreign markets, you have to transcreate the content. The best example is the websites of the US and Japan Starbucks. The user interface, copywriting, and color theme of both websites are according to their target markets. Here transcreation is used in its best form.

Transcreation helps SEO 

The role of professional transcreation services is also to optimize the content of the website for different search engines. You must check the keywords each time before tapping into a new market. If you do this, then it will help you understand the specific words and phrases that customers use to search for the products and services of your company.

After knowing these keywords, transcreation rewrites the content in the target market’s language. In this way, all the keywords get stuffed into your content without making an effort, and your website becomes easily searchable in all the search engines. Additionally, transcreation makes your marketing content, like blog posts, more readable. 

People who browse your website spend more time on it. It shows the high quality of your website. The use of appropriate keywords enhances the conversion rate. This shows the right position of the website in search results. 

Transcreation Helps You to Think Locally and Expand Globally 

Transcreation assists global companies to understand the cultural and regional intricacies and helps them make their name in global markets. It develops a local version of your brand without damaging its global image. When brands spend money on transcreation, their purpose is more than communication. Global brands that enter local markets have to face tough competition from local brands. 

Thus, the transcreated material helps them win over their competitors, by providing a more engaging and localized experience. In this way, they can create brand loyalty in different target markets. Moreover, it increases the impact of the brand and makes people feel closer to it. One of the best examples of transcreation is Coca-Cola. It is a globally known company. They use transcreation to connect people from around the globe. Coca-Cola is using transcreation for all of its local websites. 

 Wrapping Up 

Transcreation services play an important role in recreating the message. These messages persuade people to buy the products and services of your company. It makes people feel close to your brand. Moreover, it helps with SEO factors by including most search keywords in the content. 

Global companies can enter local markets easily without having any effect on their global brand image. With transcreation, all their investments in a marketing campaign can go in vain. Therefore, you must include transcreation in your company’s marketing strategy. So are you ready to invest in transcreation?

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