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There are many stocks out there in the market, but today we will be talking about the stock of the company Google and its parent Alphabet Inc.

These two are both founded by the same owner’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The stock of Google is known as GOOG, and stock of alphabet is known as GOOGL stock.

There are mainly three classes of stock. It is A, B and C. The A and the C stock are listed online on the stock investment website which is known as NASDAQ, and only the B type of stock remains in the company as these are owned and kept by the owners and the employees for themselves.

Class inequities in stock

Google split its stock in April 2014, when they decided to create a stock of class A, B and C. Due to this step the stock available was doubled, and the price has become half the amount of what it was before.

After the split in share, there was voting for B and C class stock. B class received about ten votes while C did not even get a single vote.

Those people who already had A class shares were given equal shares from C class, but their voting power remains the same in any case that happens in the company.

Google had a total of 289.3 Million shares outstanding, and the B class had a total share value of 47 Million shares that means that those who have B class share have more power to vote than any other class.

So if you want to take part in their board meeting, then you will have to take the share of class A which will give you the ability to take part in the shareholder meeting and help them with the management of their company almost daily.

This also means that the A-class shares are mostly for an investor who wants to take part in the company by paying a premium amount while the C class share is for rewarding the employees of the company which means that its stock price will fall very much so that the employees can also take a share in the company and earn extra money.

Class C shares

Since the price of C class shares was less, so they decided to take the amount to rise up. Then the A-class and wanted to maintain that level so that all the employees can also take a share in the company and also have the opportunity to make extra money. You can check at for more information.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

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