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Why am I Getting High Ping with Victony Extender? Help Me!

Although the probability of facing any WiFi-related problem after installing a Victony range extender is minimum, still some users complain about facing some. They often say that their WiFi extender causes the internet to drop and hence they get high ping while playing online games. As a result, they have lost countless games. Are you also considering yourself amongst the users getting high ping with Victony extender? If yes, then trying the hacks mentioned in this post can be helpful for you. However, you must know about the term ping first.

What is Ping?

Ping stands for Packet Inter-Network Groper. It is a basic internet utility with the help of which one can identify whether a particular IP address exists or not. It is programmed for the purpose of making sure whether the destination IP address is capable of accepting requests in computer administration and the time taken to process that request. Confused? Let us give you an example.

Imagine yourself playing a game on a computer and you commanding kill. In this scenario, the computer will ping the gaming server [which is operating at the destination IP] to execute the kill command. The time taken in the execution of this command is known as ping. It means the higher the ping, the poorer the internet connection, and hence you lost the game. Generally, the value of the ping must range between 50-150 milliseconds. A ping of more than 150 ms is considered a high ping.

But, now that you’ve understood what the ping actually is and how its high value affects your gaming experience, let’s try to fix it with the context of a Victony WiFi extender.

Restart Victony Extender to Fix High Ping

The high ping with Victony extender can be an outcome of a temporary glitch. Therefore, before you attempt to fix the problem using any advanced hack, consider trying the easiest one. FYI, rebooting is considered the easiest hack that can be implemented to fix networking problems. Therefore, without wasting a second, give a fresh start to your Victony extender. The steps highlighted below will reveal how to properly reboot your range extender:

  • Disconnect the cables connected to the hardware of your Victony extender.
  • Remember not to remove the power cable [if your extender uses any].
  • After that, push the Power button on the extender and unplug it.
  • Time to give some rest to the extender!
  • Replug the range extender and switch it on.
  • Recreate the cable connections.

Now, try to access the Victony WiFi extender setup wizard and see how much time it takes to load. In case it is taking ages to get loaded, it is a sign that you need to do some more hard work to troubleshoot the problem. What you must do now is highlighted in the upcoming section.

How to Fix High Ping with Victony Extender?

Fix 1: Update the Firmware

Since the firmware of a networking device takes the charge to carry out its hardware and software functionalities, there is a possibility that the version on which your extender is running is giving you problems. Why don’t you get the firmware of the range extender updated? There’s a high possibility that the high ping with Victony extender is troubling you because of an outdated firmware. So, refer to the steps given below and consider installing the latest firmware version on your wireless range extender:

  • Log in to your Victony extender using the necessary details.
  • On the extender’s dashboard, locate the Maintenance/Settings option.
  • Select Firmware Upgrade.
  • Your extender will notify you if a newer version of firmware is available.
  • Go through the on-screen prompts.

Fix 2: Pay Attention to Extender-Router Gap

The high ping with Victony extender can also be possible if the extender is not placed at a proper distance from the router. Perhaps, you’ve placed the extender too far from the router due to which both devices are not able to communicate. Therefore, consider reducing the distance between them.

However, reducing the value of the distance doesn’t mean that you can decimate it. The reason being, placing these devices too close can result in a clash of their WiFi signals. Maintaining a clear line of sight between the devices is a good thing but not at the stake of ruining the internet experience. The ideal place for the Victony WiFi range extender is halfway between the internet dead zone and the main router.

Wrapping Up

That’s all you can do if you are getting high ping with Victony extender. We hope that after you follow the tips mentioned above, fixing the high ping will become possible for you and you’ll win every game after that.

However, you must keep in mind that the aforementioned tips will bring you success only when you are getting sufficient internet speed from the service provider and the extender is sitting at an ideal location. It means you’ve placed the extender away from EM waves emitting devices and reflexive surfaces.