cat 8 ethernet cable for gaming

The Cat8 or the category-8 ethernet cable is the best ethernet cable available for computers which helps to transfer high-speed internet. The transfer speed of this wire is about 40 Gigabytes per second. And many gamers who need high-speed internet connectivity use this type of ethernet cable to connect their PC and other devices. Using Cat 8 ethernet cable for gaming is the best option that helps to transfer break-free high-speed internet.

Category 8 is the latest and advanced IEEE standard for copper ethernet cables. Using these cables will have break-free internet transactions with remarkable data transfer speed. And this type of cable uses RJ45 connectors.

So while comparing with other category ethernet cables, this is the best option with more speed and capacity. And this cable is also reverse compatible with previous standard connectors, making this product more unique.

Advantage of Using cat8 For Online Gaming

People worldwide like to play PC games with zero lag and delay, so they spend lots of money upgrading their devices. Buying this cat8 ethernet cable is also a significant update that helps improve the players’ gameplay.

In addition, players using the cat eight cable will have faster internet flow, which helps to improve the streaming or other internet usages. Therefore, this product is the best option for online game players. The cat8 ethernet cable has a frequency of about 250MHz, and the maximum speed is about 1 Gbps.

The devices with cat8 ethernet will have a remarkable speed on internet access, improving the device’s performance. People fond of online gaming need high-performance devices to be the best and first customers of these cat8 ethernet cables. These are some brief points about the importance of the cat8 line for gamers and its uses.

Difference Between Cat8 and Other Versions of Ethernet Cables

Though all cat6, cat7, and cat8 cables are for the same kind of work, the ability of these cables differ, and each one is an advanced version of the other product. The frequency of the cat6 line is about 250Mhz, and the frequency of cat7 and cat8 is about 600Mhz and 2000Mhz, respectively. The frequency itself explains the products’ abilities, and it also has several differences with their performance.

The maximum transmission speed of cat6 is about 1Gbps to 10Gbps, and in cat7 cable, the top transmission speed is about 10Gbps. Finally, in the Cat8 line, the rate is back 25Gbps to 40Gbps.

And according to the distance, sometimes the ability may vary doffer on the Cat6 cables. For example, in the cat6 line, people get 1Gbps in 100m and 10Gbps at 37 to 55m. In cat7 and cat8, the distance is 100m and 30m. these are some of the differences between different category ethernet cables.


People using the cat8 ethernet cable will have high-speed internet and have maximum device abilities. Moreover, while using the cat8 ethernet cable for gaming, people can achieve the best internet performance with online gaming.

These are the points that help to know about the importance and abilities of category-8 ethernet cable. So, people who need high-speed internet can use this product.

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