Why Is My Orbi Router Not Connecting to Internet?

If you are a user of Netgear Orbi router and face the Orbi not connecting to internet issue. Then you are at the right place because here we will discuss this problem in detail and give you the fruitful solution to the problem. You just need to read this post properly without missing any points.

In this post you will walk through the outlined information:

  • Reasons behind the Orbi not connecting to internet issue.
  • Fruitful solutions of the Orbi not connecting to internet issue.

These are the two concepts that we will discuss in this post. If you want to get rid of that issue then don’t waste your time. Read the whole article!

Orbi Router Not Connecting to Internet (Causes)

There are many reasons behind this problem that you should know because if you know the reasons for the problem then you can easily resolve the issue.

Read the following reasons carefully to get familiar:

  • Netgear Orbi router creates the issue due to technical glitches.
  • Maybe you did not make a strong connection between the router and the host modem.
  • The Orbi router and Orbi satellite are not synced accurately.
  • WiFi interference also could be the reason behind the Orbi not connecting to the internet issue.
  • Excessive distance between the Netgear Orbi router and host modem
  • Orbi router not gets a sufficient power supply from the electric socket.

Hence, these are the reasons which you should be aware of, moreover, you can also consider these reasons if you face a problem during Orbi admin login.

Now, you need to take a walk through the troubleshooting hacks that we discussed in the next section in detail. You just need to follow them to resolve the issue.

Orbi Router Not Connecting to Internet [Solutions]

Now, in this section, you can get several types of hacks that you need to perform to solve the Orbi not connecting to the internet problem hassle-free.

Follow the following troubleshooting steps:

Check the Network Connections

We start with this hack because most of the time Orbi routers disconnect from the internet due to improper connections. So, you need to make sure that your both devices router and host modem are properly connected with the Ethernet cable. Also check whether the Ethernet cable is properly inserted in the devices’ Ethernet ports or not. If you found any fault then you need to fix it as soon as you can to enjoy the internet.

Now, you can check the internet connection to ensure that your router gets the internet or not. If not then don’t panics just go with another hack.

Avoid WiFi interference

If you are a person who installs the Orbi router near home appliances like Bluetooth speakers, Smart TV, Microwave oven, etc. then you made a big mistake because the radioactive waves of these devices create the problem. Thus, to tackle this issue you need to install your Orbi router away from the home appliances. So, that you can enjoy the proper internet services without any interference.

Get Close to the Orbi Devices

Sometimes Orbi users create a long distance between the Orbi router and host modem which means your devices do not communicate with each other properly. Thus, to tackle this issue you need to close the both device’s routers and modems with each other.

Reboot Netgear Orbi Router

If you still experiencing the same issue then now you need to restart your router because due to some technical glitches also router does not connect to internet. In order to do restart the router you need to follow the outlined steps carefully.

  • First, you need to remove the plug of router from the wall outlet.
  • Then you need to give the recovery time to the Orbi router.
  • Thereafter, put the device back into the power socket, and don’t forget to press the turn on button of the Orbi router.

Now, you can check the internet to make sure your device is properly connected to the internet or not.

Hence, these are the hacks that you need to perform to connect the router to the internet. In case you not solve the problem then you need to perform the orbi router setup again and make sure to syncing Orbi satellite properly during the re-setup.


Hope you enjoy the reading and get the all information related to Orbi router. Apart from it you can drop the comment into the comment section regarding post for other readers.

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