The Wide Range Of Frsky Products

The Wide Range Of Frsky Products, read reviews.

1. Definition of frsky products

They have a wide world of products within the reach of all pockets, a lot of accessories of all kinds from transmitters, receivers, modules , flight controllers, vtx , esc , rc plane, sensors, accessories, servos, and quite a variety of them. , I commented to one of them of which I have drawn attention more hope it is like   

2.the transmitters of  frsky of products

Good at transmitters, quite a few types of them   today compare two transmitters   between:

– Taramis   x9dplus 2019

It is a version that has been improved quite well with a separate button on the upper left and makes it very comfortable for rc pilots . Actually, it also has a scroll wheel to better navigate the menu on the screen, updates improve overall performance  as well as voice outputs.

And, it also uses the latest ACCESS communication protocol and has 24 channels and has an internal RF module : ISRM-S-X9, it supports the function of cable trainer to the pc flight simulator .

– taranis x lite s

This fabulous radio combines its reliability with its functions of frsky transmitters with the console command format for children and for beginners who start in this world this very well . It also       has 4 switches and 2 sliders for which you can fly fixed wing , multirotors and helicopters,  you can keep flying .

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Has Access protocol and works with the software open tx   memory can be extended to the models we use , has for 24 canale s   supports Coach System cable has a compartment for lithium batteries 18500 are very good and is fast charge , and has an internal RF module : ISRM-S .

3. los receptors FRSKY

There are several types and models and of different series and the frequency varies although most transmit in 2.4 GHz .

– This ultra mini receiver FRSKY   R-XSR is a diminutive version to that of the XSR receptor, the R-XSR is a receiver with all functions   of the other has a size and weight of 03.01 also has a IPEX connector is more easily so that you can change the antenna more easily. Supports redundancy function.        

4. module R9M 2019 ACCESS OTA 868Mhz

There are several models of modules but not estenderme too I put this R9M 2019 868Mhz ACCESS OTA is the first system that works on frequency 915 and long reach. This module has 4 RF power outputs for different flight classes. It has a long-range RC system, has low latency and has very good precision. It also has a smart port enabled and supports telemetry data transmission .

5. flight controller

Frsky pilot R9 this controller has a module that supports several very complete functions about flight control with a powerful INAV pre-installed. It supports other open source software such as Ardupilot and betaflight . The control system is aimed at fans of this hobby.

It is a motherboard that powers the servos and for the video system, it has current measurement, it has a slot for sd cards   that allows storing data including the black box record, it also includes location of lost models.

6. vtx Scout vs600 mini | The Wide Range Of Frsky Products

It is a miniature version vs600 vtx. It has a very simple design and equipped with adjustable power output and bands and channels .

In  rc aircraft have a product that kits are like me and seen two that are very good, the first is.

A rover 3 is a very entertaining multirotor for pitolos of all levels, for those who are starting it is very good because it   has very good stabilization, and very challenging for the most expert pilots depending on the type of flight you want to put it on. fun flights.

The Wide Range Of Frsky Products, Review

The good thing about this multirotor that the battery can last you tanquilamente   the 14min  lipo 3s 1300mah in flight times then depends on each one as more hasten battery spend more and less flight time for my taste but I think this great.

The Apus MQ60 so and seen on video is great to have fun inside the enclosure where fly. It has improved its rendimi ent  comp├árand olo with v1, its design is lig ero

The Wide Range Of Frsky Products

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