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10 Benefits of Having the Amazon App in Your Smartphone

The Amazon app has become a top shopping tool for smartphone users across the globe. With over 300 million active users, the app provides easy access to Amazon’s vast online selection of products and services. The Amazon app is a popular online shopping platform that offers millions of products and services to customers around the world. But did you know some of these interesting facts about the app?

The app allows users to support charities of their choice when they shop, The AmazonSmile Foundation donates 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the selected charity. The app also integrates with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, which can do many cool things, such as finding your lost phone, acting as an intercom system, and playing games with you. The app enables users to shop at Amazon Go, a smart store that lets you check out without standing in a queue or paying. The app uses artificial intelligence to identify the products you take and sends you an automated bill on your Amazon account.

The app is also working on drone delivery, which will allow your orders to be delivered by drones in a span of a few hours. These are just some of the amazing features and facts about the Amazon app that you may not have known before. The app is constantly evolving and adding new functionalities to enhance the user experience and satisfaction.

Below are 10 major benefits of having the Amazon app installed on your smartphone:

1. Convenient Shopping Experience

The Amazon app enables you to conveniently browse, search, compare prices, read reviews, and make purchases from Amazon’s extensive catalog directly from your smartphone. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can use the app to shop Amazon seamlessly and quickly find what you need at great prices.

The app’s user-friendly interface makes searching for products easy. You can either search for specific items or browse Amazon’s broad range of categories and products. Adding items you wish to buy to your cart is a simple tap away. The app remembers your account details, so checking out is fast with payment methods saved. This makes the entire shopping experience fast and convenient.

2. Access to Detailed Product Information and Reviews

The Amazon app gives you access to a wealth of information to help make informed purchase decisions. Look up detailed product descriptions, specifications, photos and videos. Customer reviews and ratings are available at your fingertips. You can compare prices across sellers and versions of a product with just a few taps. The app eliminates guesswork and provides all the details you need to choose the right products.

3. Price Comparison Using Camera and Barcode Scanner

A useful price comparison feature in the Amazon app allows you to scan product barcodes and use your camera when shopping in physical stores. You can instantly look up the same product’s pricing and details on Amazon. This lets you verify if you are getting the best deal in-store or can buy it cheaper from Amazon. An excellent feature for savvy shoppers.

4. Special Discounts and Real-Time Price Tracking

The app sends you personalized notifications about promotions, coupons and deals on products you love and purchase regularly. You can take advantage of great savings via alerts on your smartphone. The app also enables price drop alerts and tracking. You can select the products you want and get notified when the price falls.

5. Simplified Amazon Prime Membership Benefits

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, the app unlocks several benefits. These include unlimited, fast free shipping and instant access to Prime Video, Amazon Music and other Amazon services. Managing your Prime membership through the app is easy. You can view all your Prime orders in one place and access members-only deals.

6. Create Lists for Easier Shopping

The Amazon app has features that make shopping more organized. You can create and access personalized lists for different needs – wish lists, gift idea lists, shopping lists and more. The lists make it easier to track what you want to buy and share as gifts. Items can be added to lists conveniently as you browse in the app.

7. Voice-enabled shopping with Alexa

Alexa voice assistant is integrated into the Amazon app, opening up hands-free shopping capabilities. You can add items to your cart, track existing orders, manage shopping lists, compare prices and more. Just ask Alexa to help while in the app. Voice shopping makes the experience even more convenient.

8. Order Tracking in Real-Time

The Amazon app lets you monitor the status of your orders with real-time tracking. You get updates as your order is processed, dispatched and out for delivery. The Estimated Delivery Date (EDD) feature gives you the delivery timelines. You can also view the tracking history and details for completed orders. No more guessing about order status.

9. Secure Payment and Checkout Process

Checking out on the Amazon app is designed to be fast, easy and secure. Add credit/debit cards or use Amazon Pay to breeze through checkout. Payment information is saved in the app for future use. The app uses data encryption and other security measures to ensure your financial information stays protected.

10. Personalized Recommendations for You

The app provides tailored recommendations on products you may like based on your browsing history, purchases and even locations. This makes discovering new products effortless. Recommendations become more relevant the more you use the app. You can also sign up for personalized alerts and deals to only get notifications related to your interests.

Additional benefit;

The Amazon app offers daily quizzes that users can participate in for a chance to win exciting rewards like gift cards and products. The app has a dedicated ‘Fun Zone’ section that hosts various quizzes around occasions, Amazon products/services, and more.

These quizzes are timed and consist of simple multiple-choice questions. For example, some quizzes test your knowledge about Amazon Prime benefits or the latest Amazon device launches. The questions are easy and fun to answer.

When you answer all questions correctly within the quiz duration, you get entered into a lucky draw for that quiz. Daily winners of the quiz can claim the quiz rewards from their app. The rewards vary from high-value Amazon Pay balance to cool new gadgets likeĀ Echo Dot speakers.

Participating in the Amazon quiz offers an engaging way to test your knowledge and win free rewards. The app makes it easy to find the daily quizzes and participate by sending notifications whenever a new quiz goes live. It provides a source of entertainment and a chance to win goodies from Amazon without any effort.

In summary, the Amazon app packs in a suite of useful features to enhance your shopping experience. With the convenience of mobile access to Amazon’s expansive retail selection, intelligent recommendations, price comparison tools, and Prime membership perks, the app has become indispensable for dedicated Amazon users. Keeping the Amazon app handy on your smartphone allows you to unlock the full benefits Amazon offers anytime, anywhere.

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