Android App Development Cost

How Much Does Android App Development Cost in 2024?

Dominating the global market with 71.8% shares is not easy, but the worldwide leader of operating systems, Android, has done it. Abiding by the needs of users and making the system accessible to all is what led to the extensive growth of the Android operating system. The scale of comparison does not end here, but it bewilders the scenario where iOS is not even close to it.

Targeting 70% of the market with one app seems far-fetched, but it is possible with Android apps. Surpassing the region-based approach and going global are among the goals of businesses planning to expand significantly. This future expansion planning is easily accessible to Android app development firms. They bring an unbiased perspective about your app ideas and assist you in refining them over time with their valuable insights. However, capital investment is one thing that everyone ponders during the planning phase. It is significant to compare it with revenue generation.

The fact that the global market is growing by the day, at least, reassures businesses and enterprises about the returns of Android apps. Our analysis can help you figure out contemporary pricing to offer clarity on app development costs.

Android App Development Cost Based on Significant Factors

Finding out the Android app development cost requires understanding factors that directly or indirectly influence it. For instance, the Android app size, the incorporated features, the basic or advanced intricacies, and many more. Since the list does not end here, we must expand it and understand its implications in depth.

1. App Size

The correlation between an app’s size and cost is incremental. The smaller the app with basic features, the minimal the Android app development cost. The same is true for advanced apps with complex features, and the prices eventually increase from the smaller ones.

Strategically planned businesses that assess their ideas first and later decide on the necessity of features find a difference in cost. The table below can help you gain a basic understanding of cost.

Size of an Android App Android App Development Cost
Simple App $30,000 – $50,0000
Medium App $50,000 – $80,000
Advanced App $80,000+

2. Features

The inclusion of features is what makes the app popular among users and keeps them hooked. From basic features to advanced, every aspect of it holds importance in the ultimate product being built for the market. Businesses and mid-sized enterprises must reconsider and understand their influence on the cost of Android app development.

For instance, basic features like login and registration are standard and a much-needed necessity when building any app. Businesses gain access to user data by offering personalized suggestions. Building an Android app requires a fusion of basic and advanced features, leading to increased app development costs.

3. App Category

Diverse industries bind their expectations with different types of apps. For obvious reasons, the food and beverage company would decide to build an on-demand Android app instead of an e-commerce app. Consequently, industries prefer the app functionalities that suit their business model. E-commerce businesses will determine which single- or multi-vendor apps are available, and the game-centric brand will prefer different gaming apps.

The difference in the app category also brings us to the point that the Android app development cost also depends on it. The type of Android app one chooses influences capital investment more.

4. Location

The location of the experts and the cost of developing the Android app are influenced by the country’s economic condition. The elevation of inflation, the government situation, and many other factors influence the global value of currency. This also implies that the cost of building an app in the United States may be higher than in India. Different locations pose diverse cost differences in comparison to other countries.

Such differences make businesses reconsider planning and look for feasible Android app development costs worldwide. The table below may offer you a better understanding of development per hour cost.

Location Cost Per Hour
North America $160 – $180
Australia $70 – $80
UK $90 – $150
South America $50 – $70
Asia $40 – $60

Android App Development Cost Breakdown

Comprehending different factors brings us close to estimating the conclusive Android app development cost. From the app size to the intricacies, all the factors combine to give businesses and enterprises an approximate idea of the cost. The cost of building an Android app lies between $30,000 to the maximum of $120,000 based on the app’s size and intricacies.


Making decisions based on app development cost is one wise aspect of strong and decisive leadership. With an understanding of factors affecting capital investment, it is high time for businesses to plan their apps according to user needs and requirements.

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