SEO engine optimization is probably the best thing that a business can do to improve its reach and touch a wider audience. SEO has always evolved with newer technologies entering the digital platforms. Having a robust SEO strategy is key for businesses to outperform their competitors and become more relevant organically. So what does 2021 hold for SEO. Below-mentioned are the most relevant 2021 SEO trends that you must check out:

 Artificial Intelligence (AI) will play a bigger role

AI is all the rage and is touching all domains including SEO. How people interact with online content in 2021 will be highly influenced by AI. Google has developed an AI algorithm known as RankBrain which plays a crucial role in determining search engine result page rankings. RankBrain’s capability to observe, learn and further improve will establish it as a top SEO trend of 2021. 

User experience will become more important

Every reputed SEO company in India is aware of the significance of the user experience. It has been indicated by Google in 2021 that user experience will be a key ranking factor. Loading time, interactivity of the content, website stability, and media reliability are some of the factors that will determine this. Google will be assessing these metrics via its Core Web Vitals. It has been found that improving the user’s overall experience also has a positive effect on the business in focus. 

Mobile-first indexing will make mobile-friendliness of websites essential

Mobile SEO cannot be underestimated and is expected to reach its high potential in 2021. The first mobile indexing was rolled out by Google in 2019. Search engines take the mobile version of a website as its primary version which indicates how important it is to have a mobile-optimized website. It can make you rank high on SERPs. With the help of reliable SEO services in Indiayou can ensure that your website is easy to navigate, offers a better user experience, and is offering all valuable content in a readable form that are the keys to boosting your mobile SEO game.

Good quality long-form content will take precedence

It is said that when it comes to SEO, quality content is the king. You can ensure the quality of your content by following the EAT principle i.e. expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These three factors play a role in helping Google determine the effectiveness of your content on a website. It has been observed that the chances of attracting organic traffic are higher in the case of long-form content, as compared to short-form content. Long-form content also helps get backlinks and a higher amount of traffic on the website. Besides long-form content, long-tail keywords are also likely to become more important. 

Time to embrace the trends

Most of the well-established businesses seek the help of reputed SEO companies to get trending. Keeping the above-mentioned trends in mind, it’s time to leverage the benefits of SEO to their maximum possibility.

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