Many people think that keeping kids away from technology can make them more focused and determined. What do you think keeping kids away from playing video games can make them more confident? Or keeping kids away from watching a tab can make them more resilient?

We think that it is an assertive approach towards your kids. Playing with the tech can be harmful to their health but keeping them totally away from these tech tools is also an extreme approach. 

As humans need macronutrients to keep their bodies warm, the same is for kids who have their psychological needs. If you are not able to satisfy their needs then you may see deviant behaviors. 

When kids aren’t able to satisfy their psychological needs then they seek refuge in distractions because distractions satisfy deficiencies. When kids don’t get their psychological nutrients then they feel more comfortable with distractions. 

As a result, they feel problems focusing and doing normal tasks. If you want to see your kids focused and confident then this article is for you! 

It may take 4 to 5 minutes but you will get useful insights about what to do and what not to do in order to make kids more effective and productive for society.


The idea behind independence is to give your children to set their goals and work on them in their own way. What can this induce in your kid’s mind? A sense of responsibility! From now on they wouldn’t seek adult involvement to do their normal tasks. 

According to one study conducted by three American psychologists: The children of Maya who are still not able to indulge themselves in the western schooling system are more attentive and focused than the children who have less freedom in their lives. 

The children of Maya or you can say indigenous children have more freedom that’s why they show less dependency syndrome. This will make them more sustainable. You don’t have to limit and restrict their screen time but the point is you need to teach them why screen time limitation is necessary for them.

The feeling of growth and development:

The feeling of satisfaction comes when you feel that you have done something great. Think about the skills at which you are good. You must be good at something and you feel a great amount of pleasure in doing things that you love most. 

Likewise, children also want the feeling of growth and development because without these feelings they would seek refuge in doing other things like playing video games. Our education system believes in standardization. Our system looks upon kids with the same lens.

So, when one child isn’t able to do good in one subject then he/she falls into a trap of distractions. Elders need to understand this effect and help their children as much as possible. Tell them it is okay to be vulnerable sometimes.

Tell them you don’t have to worry because you are not good at mathematics. Tell them to find out their hidden capabilities. Find out things in which they are good at or feel pleasure while doing those things.

The feeling of importance:

The feeling of being important and social at the same time is a bit of a difficult task to do. But research showed that children’s outdoor playing time has been declining for many years. After surveying most of the parents they tell that they are afraid of bullying and crime-related activities that’s why they restrain their children from going outside.

So, when children aren’t going outside then how do they feel important? They can feel important when they goal for their team or when they hit the home run for their teammates. And, when kids won’t be able to go outside then they won’t able to feed their psychological needs. App developers know this thing. They designed apps and games in such ways that kids can take their required nicotine by playing their video games.

As a result, your children used to live more inside of the home and become more introverted and less social. These children don’t want to leave their virtual world. If you have concerns about the safety of your kids then go with them and help them in their outdoor activities.

When you go with them they will be able to make new connections with other kids of the same age group and this would help them to be more social and confident at the same time.

Another thing you can do is personify your kids’ dressing in a way that they would look more expressive.

This can help them to be more confident in their lives. You need to buy cool kids clothes for your children. If you are busy and can’t get them from the market then we would recommend you to buy cool kids clothes online.

Talk to your children:

Talk to your children, give time to them and try to read their minds. Keep an eye on their behavior. Cater to their emotional needs before they show some kind of deviant behavior. Even when the children are just a few months old their brains are trying to understand words that you spoke.

Kids associate words with emotions. Even if they won’t be able to speak, they know when you are sad or happy. We would recommend you if the summer is coming then this would be the best time for you to spend time with your family and bridge the emotional gaps among them.

So, spend time with your children, talk to them, listen to their stories, and respond to them. Try to indulge yourself in their daily routine tasks. Help them in choosing cool kids clothes for them. Help them to solve a puzzle. Help them to build blocks and many things. 

Be logical and reasonable:

You often hear questions from your children, for example, you may hear why these clothes and why not cool kids clothes, or you may hear why I can’t eat the whole pie, or why I can’t go outside alone. 

Try to be logical and reasonable with your kids. Don’t answer them with the words “because I said”. Or try to be assertive and strict with your children. Try to give them logical answers and when your children understand that he couldn’t eat the whole pie because this is his sister’s pie part or he may have a stomach ache after eating the whole pie.

Then they will understand better and they will restrain themselves even if you are not at home. This type of reasoning could help them to be logical and to be more productive for society.


In concluding this article, after an extensive amount of research we filter out the 5 most important things that parents fail to provide their children, freedom, not overall freedom but a controlled one which can engrave a sense of responsibility to your children’s subliminal mind. 

They need to know that if they do anything wrong then it will ultimately harm them. And, if they do something good then it will help them to boost their personality, and personality traits are some important factors in long-term success.

The next thing which we discuss is the feeling of growth and development, that you need to facilitate your children to get their psychological nutrients by doing constructive and productive tasks. 

You need to make your children feel that they are important and help them to be social with other kids of the same age group. Talk to your children, give time to them and try to read their minds. Figure out anything deviant in their behavior. Lastly, you need to be logical and reasonable to them if you don’t sound logical to them then how could you expect any kind of creativity and art from your child.

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