Whiteboard animation can be the most effective way to explain and promote n any business. Today the world has become advanced and in this era of advancement, videos are preferred by everyone. It hooks them for long and they are so interesting that it captures the attention instantly and holds it for long. There are many types of videos like a vlog, presentation video, tutorials, but whiteboard standout. They are user and mobile-friendly and the user cannot forget anything easily. Information can be passed easily and will have an impact for a longer time. To create great videos for it, many software is available.

Let us look at some of them.

  • Mango animate whiteboard animation software
  • Video scribe whiteboard animation software
  • Explaindio whiteboard animation software
  • Mysimpleshow whiteboard animation software
  • Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software
  • Doodly whiteboard animation software
  • Vyond whiteboard animation software

Mango animate whiteboard animation software

It is an effective software to create whiteboard animation that looks professional. It offers a free media library, live animation effects and a wide variety of hand types that are essential for creating an animation. It can be bought at an amazing price of 39 dollars which is a one-time payment to get access to the incredible features it offers. 

Video scribe whiteboard animation software

It is very easy to create a video on a video scribe. For creating a video you just need to follow some simple steps that require you to select the pre-built template and add images and text to it. It offers a wide range of music and videos. The cost of the software is very affordable and they also have a support team that is available around the clock.

Explaindion whiteboard animation software

It is a very popular whiteboard animation software that offers 2D and 3D animation effects. It offers attractive themes, Full motion video features, a wide collection of audios. To know more about the software you can check the reviews. Moreover, it has another amazing feature that is a whiteboard video sketch which can be unlocked by purchasing the software.

MySimpleshow whiteboard animation software

This software is very easy to use and will be efficient in assisting all the new users. Business videos can be created by using Mysimplespace as it offers many templates. Any type of video can be created from product promotion to employee training to a motivational video, depending upon the choice of the user. It has a collection of videos, images, graphics that makes the process easy.

Camtasia whiteboard animation

Camtasia is an incredible software that has a pool of 500 videos, images and photos. Every video can be customized by using them. It also allows creating themes. Furthermore, audio effects, screen recorders, annotations, transitions are included in its built-in functionalities. This software costs 249 dollars which is worth it according to the features it provides. It also offers a playback preview to its users.

Easy Sketch Pro whiteboard animation software

It provides customization by allowing you to draw and import images and videos on the software. It has a video analytic tool that will help in improving your video. It suggests themes and effects once you upload a video which makes the experience even more smooth.

Doodly whiteboard animation software

Those who don’t have any hands-on experience with this software can now use this software efficiently to create videos. It is estimated that if a video is introduced on a website the traffic will increase by 157 percent. The production time of a video is often more which makes the process hectic but by using software like doodly whiteboard it can be very easy.  The videos created here will be no less than professional videos.  

Vyond whiteboard animation software

It offers customization for the characters and any other objects that are to be used in the video. It has the automated lipsync feature that goes well with the animation capacity that looks real and keeps the audience engaged. After buying the software many other features can be unlocked that include amazing templates, pictures and audio.


There are many types of videos that can be used for marketing the business. But the impact of whiteboard animation is much stronger than any explainer video. All these software are highly improved and effective in letting you create a video easily. Experimenting with any of them will result in giving positive results for your videos. All the market demands are met compatibility by producing video in a short period.

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