Amazon prime service offers a membership program via Amazon Website or App which is now a days considered one of the best streaming service around the Globe. Via this membership program, members can shop on low and almost zero prices. Most Importantly amazon Prime has some additional features as well as compared to Netflix or Hulu. This is another reason of attraction for people to coming toward the amazon.

Amazon Prime Service: Chunks and Perks

  • Free two-day shipping.
  • free same day and release-date delivery
  • Prime now gets you free delivery in just 2 hours!
  • You can use Amazon Locker and Amazon Hub too!

Amazon Prime: Membership price

You will start up with a free 30-day trial after providing your card details. After the trial ends, you will be costed $99 as per year membership fee. Also, try the viper 3 downloader today for watching soccer related matches.

If you are a student, there’s an option of Amazon Prime Student for you. If your email address has .Edu in the last, you will get discounted fees. You will get to test all the features provided by Amazon during your 30-day trial with Amazon Prime.

How will Amazon Prime Assist me in Shopping?

The premium features of Amazon are provided to amazon Prime service only. the benefits include:

  • You will get deals and offers news before everyone.
  • You will be able to approach the private Wishlist which includes mineral supplements and baby wipes etc.
  • You can now access Amazon dash Button through which you can place your order simply.

Amazon prime: Listen and Read

  • Listen to your favorite music and download infinite songs with amazon Prime on discounted prices. Listen to the latest original Audibles via Amazon Prime!
  • You can also borrow and download free books, digital magazines on your device.
  • You will also get pre-publication access with Amazon Prime.

There are multiple benefits using amazon Prime offers.

How do I Cancel my membership for Amazon Prime?

You can cancel your membership anytime. Follow these steps:

  • Visit
  • Click “My Account”.
  • Click Manage Prime Membership”
  • Hit “End membership”.
  • If cancelling during your trial, click “Do Not Continue”.

Why should I go for Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime offers benefits like rewards and sharing etc. prime Rewards include 5% back on purchases and 2% back on gift shopping. The best option provided by Amazon Prime so far is Amazon Prime Family which gives you discounts on baby diapers, baby food etc.

Besides, Amazon Prime is indeed lifetime experience for Amazon users as it is truly beneficial and economical.

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