Amped WiFi Extender Can’t Get IP Address? Let’s Fix It!

For the proper functioning of an Amped wireless range extender, it is necessary that it stays connected to the main router and gets an IP address without fluctuating. But, things can be awry when the Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address from the main router and start giving networking problems. In case you’re also feeling that your networking problems have arisen due to the same cause, check out this post focusing on the hacks to fix the IP address issue with the range extender.

[Solved] Amped WiFi Extender Can’t Get IP Address

Prior to trying your hands on the below-mentioned troubleshooting hacks, we suggest you power cycle your wireless extender. The reason being, when a networking device doesn’t boot properly, it fails to obtain the IP address from the gateway. Since your host router is acting as a gateway for your networking gadget [extender], there is a possibility that the problem has emerged due to the incomplete booting process.

Worry not, restarting the extender won’t cost you land. Instead, it will act as a performance booster for your WiFi device. All you have to do is power off your extender and switch it on after some time. But, do not forget to maintain a suitable gap between the interval of powering it down and up. However, if you are still facing networking problems and are concluding that your Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address, you can try your hands on the following techniques:

1. Switch the Connection Source

There is a possibility that the Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address due to the connection source you’ve used to couple it with the router. Therefore, switch the connection source between your devices.

If during and after Amped wireless setup, your devices are connected with the aid of an Ethernet cable, then consider connecting your devices using a wireless source. To be specific, establish a WPS connection between them. However, while doing so, make sure that your devices are placed close to each other. But, not so close that their wireless signals get clashed.

Just in case your devices are sharing a wireless connection, then you ought to replace it with a wired one. Thus, bring the Ethernet cable into play and connect your devices with its help. While doing so, make sure that you create a finger-tight connection and that the cable is free of cuts or damages.

2. Get Rid of Signal Interference

Signal interference is another reason why your Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address. The literal meaning of the term “interference” is an interruption. Therefore, there is a possibility that the signals emitted by your extender are unable to communicate with those of the router and hence the device is not getting the IP address.

To patch things up, we suggest you get rid of signal interference-creating factors from the surroundings of your wireless range extender. Some of the factors that prevent signal propagation are devices emitting radio wave frequencies, metal objects and things with metal polishing, reflexive surfaces, and objects that carry a large amount of water.

Apart from keeping the range extender away from the aforementioned factors, consider not placing it in a corner or near a thick concrete wall. Otherwise, a large proportion of the wireless signals emitted by your extender will get wasted.

The Last Resort – Reset the Extender

If none of the aforementioned techniques have helped you in getting rid of the Amped WiFi extender can’t get IP address issue, then there is a high possibility that you’ve done an incomplete Amped wireless setup. Therefore, you must set up your range extender again in order to solve the problem.

However, you are supposed to carry out the factory default reset process before that. The reason being, it will make it possible for the extender to work on the default factory mode and hence you will get a chance to set it up. So, what are you waiting for? Reset the extender by pushing the reset button and reconfigure it via

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