Many people get confused between wigs, toupee, and hair systems and cannot distinguish between them. All of these are the solutions for baldness. Hair loss has now become a widespread problem in men. The main reason for baldness in men is a hormone called androgen, causing male pattern baldness. This article will help you acknowledge the exact difference between hair systems, wigs, and toupees.

Difference Between Men’s Hair Systems, Wigs, and Toupee

Hair Systems

Hair systems are one of the best and most-adaptable solutions for baldness. They are generally referred to as super wigs. Hair systems are made up of human hair on a lace base. This base acts as a second skin and gives a natural hair look. Hair systems are undetectable, as human hair is hand-woven on a finely thin base. They are customizable as per your requirements.

The hair replacement system is a non-surgical and painless hair restoration method. You get hair systems in two different types – stock hair systems and custom-made hair systems. The custom-made hair systems are designed depending on the user’s needs. On the other hand, stock hair systems are designed by considering the common hair wearers’ requirements.

Men’s hair systems are incredibly beneficial for temporary and permanent hair loss problems. They offer instant results with no pain and health complications. The only drawback of hair systems is it requires a lot of maintenance.


Wigs are one of the most typical hair loss solutions of the old days. Like hair systems, they are also non-surgical and painless. Wigs are usually made up of human hair or synthetic hair and look like a crown on the head. They are not fixed permanently on the scalp. You can remove and wear wigs daily. Unlike hair systems, wigs do not offer a natural look and are detectable.

Wigs are also used for fashion purposes. Many celebrities use wigs to get newly coloured and styled hair. Therefore, it is used as a fashion accessory. As the hair replacement system has developed, the usage of wigs for hair loss has declined dramatically. Today, wigs are mostly used as a fashion accessory and not a hair loss solution. Wigs are readily available and are inexpensive. But, they do not provide a realistic and natural look.


A toupee is a partial wig used for partial baldness. Like wigs and hair systems, toupees are also made up of human or synthetic hair. Men generally use them to cover the bald spot on their scalp. A toupee is smaller than a wig, covering the bald area. It gets damaged easily by heat and friction.

Toupees made from human hair are more expensive than toupees made from synthetic hair. As time passes, they offer a less realistic look. Toupees are also used as hair extensions by many women. Like wigs, toupees are inexpensive and readily available.


Men’s hair systems are more durable and realistic than wigs and toupees. Therefore, instead of using wigs and toupees, you can opt for the most desirable hair restoration techniques for baldness – hair replacement systems. Buy all 3 only from a trusted supplier like New Times Hair

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