Lay Strong Base for 5G-Centric Billing with Transformational Convergent Charging

Implementing telecom tactics is a tech-heavy task. As we step onto the cusp of full-fledged 5G launch, the role of monetizing this extremely crucial mobile connectivity technology has become very important. But that should not come at a lack of understanding. An intuitive convergent charging platform and relevant B/OSS services for 5G-delivery are essential requirements. … Read more

Multi-Lingual Call Center Outsourcing Services for Quick Business Gains

Globalization is the name of the game if one wants to take his business to the next level. Call center outsourcing plays a crucial role in this task. It brings in new expertise, talent, skills, software and most importantly cultural understanding of distinct customer bases. For example, a company in the US would find it difficult to … Read more

Work-From-Home Call Centers for Sustaining Customer Care

Work-from-home is an interesting work concept. It has been utilized sporadically by companies to fulfill capacity-related requirements. But it has never become the staple of any industry, until now. However, things are shaping up very differently after the Covid-19 outbreak. As humans are confined to their homes, and there is very little mobility amidst lockdowns; … Read more

5 Forecasts for Emerging Call Center Services Trends in 2020/21

Call Center Trends

Executing a successful call center strategy in 2020/21 will be more difficult than ever. The primary reason for this is an increase in competition between companies and rising demands from the customers. Nothing less than exceptional call center services will see you through, so brace up for the new challenges by learning about the forecasts for the … Read more