Lay Strong Base for 5G-Centric Billing with Transformational Convergent Charging

Implementing telecom tactics is a tech-heavy task. As we step onto the cusp of full-fledged 5G launch, the role of monetizing this extremely crucial mobile connectivity technology has become very important. But that should not come at a lack of understanding. An intuitive convergent charging platform and relevant B/OSS services for 5G-delivery are essential requirements.

Place Your Trust in a Real-Time Convergent Charging System

Real Time Charging System

5G incorporates a new dimension. It allows for revolutionary network slicing tech, which ensures many small virtual networks over a single physical network. It offers great opportunities for distinct monetization based on QoS. For example, one dimension of the network can be used for low-speed high-reliability. Other aspects could be reserved for higher speeds and low-latency. There is a greater opportunity to attract customers with better offers and discounts.

Real-time charging is the perfect envelope for modern-day services. There are so many different subscriptions like broadband, mobility, calling etc. All these services need to be packaged in a decent way, and most importantly the monetization and billing needs to be done from a single place.

Convergent charging system allows for consolidated billing, which works well for a wide range of services. It also brings in transparency and greater revenue assurance, as all services are well accounted for. A modern-day MVNO, MVNE and MVNA need to function with transparency, and hence require a convergent charging system like Online Charging System (OCS).

Essential Features of a Convergent Real-Time Charging System

For a convergent charging system, it is essential to implement credit limits accurately. It should be easier to manage and come with a secure account balance management that keeps customers’ information safe.

Technologies like 5G and IoT have vast potential and they come with new challenges. The vast amount of transactions needs to be charged, rated and added up accurately. There cannot be any mistake, or you will lose customers’ faith.

The convergent system should allow for complete flexibility, so that services can be monetized in an attractive fashion. This is very important if you want to attract customers.

Get a Standalone Comprehensive Platform for Simplicity

A standalone platform that does billing and also performs B/OSS services at the same time can make everything simple. An evolved platform comes with a variety of APIs that can add new functionality into an existing system. It makes your system future-proof. You can add a new database, manage a vendor partnership and do a lot more if you have the right API.

Online Charging System is a revolutionary piece of technology that has made the task simple for operators and subscribers. It is completely accurate and performs charging exactly as per 3GPP technical specifications.


A convergent charging system can make the task of billing and monetization simple. It ensures revenue assurance and helps MVNO and MVNE build trust amongst subscribers. The best real-time OCS comes with APIs, which can add new functionality and stay completely future-proof.

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