How to Restore Office 365 Mailbox in an Effortless Way

How to Restore Office 365 Mailbox in an Effortless Way

Summary:Microsoft 365 is one of the most popular cloud technology used by multiple professionals over the globe. However, situation arises when the user needs to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365, so this blog is all about the solution to cater to the user’s needs to restore Microsoft 365 data.

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most renowned cloud-based technologies which already change the email client market. Many organizations take advantage of the Office 365 service, which also helps lower the cost of managing email communication. Most of the user who is using Office 365 thinks that Microsoft is responsible for securing their data. Still, the real fact is that it’s a user’s sole responsibility to protect their data.

If the user data gets compromised for any reason, then it isn’t easy to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 after the retention period of Office 365. There is a specific time period within which users can restore their data; otherwise, after the lapse of the grace period, it is impossible to recover data by any method.

It is also important for all users to have a backup of their data to avoid future mishaps. In this blog, we will cover a few points that make it vital to back up Microsoft 365 emails.

Why is it essential to create a backup of Microsoft 365 Emails?

All data, whether from the Office 365 user or somewhere else, should be backed up regularly. No one knows when the data gets deleted intentionally or unintentionally. Moreover, when someone deletes their data, the data is held for only 30 days which is the retention period within which users can restore deleted mailbox Office 365 account. Once the period is over, it becomes impossible to recover the data.

If the user has backup Microsoft 365 emails and is in a data loss situation, they can easily restore their data using the backup copy. Stay on this write-up to find solutions to recover Office 365 data.

How can Users Restore Deleted Office 365 Mailboxes?

Once the data goes in the folder where all deleted data gets saved and within the retention period, users can restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 through manual as well as paid methods. Firstly, we will go on restoring data with the help of the free solution and later on, we will move towards the third-party software.

Recover Office 365 data through Deleted Item Folder in Office 365

Users need to open the Admin center and select the deleted folder option. After that, check the deleted items in the folder. You can go ahead only choosing the required item to restore. Make a right click on the selected items and use the move function. Also, select the location where you want to save all such recovered items. If you are struggling to find the deleted items, you can employ the recover deleted items option, which you can enable by clicking on the deleted item option.

After that, you will prompt with a pop-up window where you can check all the deleted emails. After finding them, choose the required items and right-click on them to select Recover. Once you complete this process, you will find recovered items within the Inbox folder of your Office 365 account.

Drawbacks of this approach to restore Microsoft 365 data:

  • The storage of accounts depends on what play they have chosen. As most accounts have a storage limit of 50 to 100 GB. If the deleted data have greater the size of the storage limit of an account, then you may permanently lose your data.
  • It is possible to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 up to 30 days of deletion through the deleted item folder and 30 days for the recoverable item folder.
  • If in case of a user intentionally or even unintentionally removes the item from the delete & recoverable item folder, then you cannot restore any data.

Restore deleted data of Office 365 as an Administrator

An administrator of Office 365 can use the alternative approach, i.e., In-place eDiscovery & Hold option to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 account. This method only applies when you haven’t deleted the items from the recoverable item folder. Otherwise, this method will be of no use.

If you deactivated account and you have some time left for the completion of retention period, you can recover data.

To recover the data, follow the shared procedures below:

  • You should log in to the Office 365 account as an administrator. Go to the Exchange Admin Portal, select Compliance management and then In-Place eDiscovery & Hold.
  • Now the Admin Center will open up where you need to click on the plus sign in order to add some query in the email search. You can search using parameters such as email recipient, name, etc.
  • Once done with the earlier step, click on the finish button to start the recovery process.
  • Once Office 365 is done with the process, it will show you the list of all emails. Using the preview result option, you can see all of them one by one.
  • After previewing them, you can export the selected emails by choosing the export to a file option. Also, make sure to select the location to save your PST file.

These two given solution works when the retention period is still ongoing. Otherwise, there is only one option to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365. Microsoft clearly stated that they are not at all responsible towards securing the user data, so users should always take backup of their data at regular intervals.

Backup Microsoft 365 Mailboxes by Choosing Reliable Third-party Software

It is true that the user is only responsible for keeping their safety, and we have already told them they should regularly create a backup of their data. If we look at the solution to back up Microsoft 365 emails, various options come to mind. However, please stick to a reliable solution. One of them is Shoviv Office 365 email backup software which provides many user-friendly features and comes with the best-in-class user interface.

Rest; if we look at its capability to back up Office 365 mailboxes, users can add multiple mailboxes at once. This software provides numerous options to save Office 365 items like MBOX, PST, MSG, etc. Its competencies, like allowing scheduling the backup of multiple Office 365 mailboxes daily, weekly, and monthly. This will also help to eliminate the need to backup data manually.

Due to its filter options, users can select their data according to the given filter criteria. Moreover, when the user starts the process and stops in between while taking a backup, its incremental backup features resume the process and start taking the backup for the new data. This Office 365 email backup software not only completes the backup in less time but also maintains the data integrity. Moreover, its demo version is also available, which all users can try to know about & examine its functionality. If you have the Office 365 backup, it will eliminate the need for a method to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365.

Wrap Up

No one knows how and when a single step can leads to the data deletion. However it is true that it’s only the user’s responsibility to take care of their data, and if, in the case due for any reason user may lose their data, and then there are steps to recover them. We have discussed solutions to restore deleted mailbox of Office 365 and also showcase to you the manual solutions demerits. If the retention period is not over, then you can optimize the ways to recover your data; otherwise, when the period gets around, you cannot do anything. So it is good to take a backup of your data to avoid circumstances where you cannot retrieve it.