Skill-based games, as the name implies, are those that rely on skill and not luck or chance. In recent years, skill-based gaming has been a very popular niche. Skill games can be enjoyed as a way to earn extra money. MPL is your best choice for skill-based online games. Game download app– You can find all kinds of games under one roof, including action, fantasy, and card games.

Most people are forced to stay inside due to the pandemic. People have found comfort in online games during these difficult times. Real money games like fantasy cricket, rummy and poker have seen a huge growth in popularity. People love to play them. Some casual games have seen their stock rise as well. A game of skill is more difficult than a game that relies on luck. It requires patience and deep-rooted knowledge.

We will be discussing some of the most popular skill-based games people played during the pandemic

1) Card Games

Rummy, a card game that dates back centuries, is still very popular in India. With COVID 19 forcing people to return home, they are now focusing their efforts on online skill-based games like play rummy online, Call Break and Solitaire. Rummy is the most well-known and oldest card game in India. Online Rummy is a huge hit, so MPL is your best bet for all things card.

Online Rummy can be played in many different ways, including:

  • Rummy Dangal
  • 13-Card Rummy
  • Poker Dangal
  • Points Rummy
  • Deals Rummy
  • Pool Rummy

Other than Rummy Call Break Another skill-based game is the popular Skill Game. Similar to Spades, the game can be played between four players using a 52-card deck. Similar rules apply. Poker And Solitaire These are two popular card games that were enjoyed by many during the pandemic.

2) Sports Games

Sports are the backbone of any country. It brings people together, instills a sense of patriotism and boosts the adrenaline. Most pronounced were the effects on the outdoor and sports industries.

The mobile gaming industry ensures that people don’t miss out on their sports activities by offering different games on their phones. People realized that this is the closest thing to playing the game in these difficult times and have made sports games a huge success during the pandemic. MPL was a pioneer in bringing back sports into people’s daily lives during the pandemic.

People have taken to sports like Archery and Bowling during the pandemic. They also took to Basketball, Pool Champs and Soccer Royale.

Sports Game Download App are extremely popular on MPL because of the incredible game physics and user experience. The aesthetics of the game are very similar to what you’d experience when playing the game outside. Plus, the competition is fierce. These sports games can bring you huge prizes.

3) Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports really took off after the pandemic and is now in high demand. Sports are the heartbeat of any country, and even more so in India. Although cricket is the lifeblood of India, other sports such as kabaddi and basketball also have huge fan bases.

This is why Indians were so interested in fantasy sports. There was much debate at first about whether fantasy cricket app were a skill or chance game. It was soon established that fantasy sports are a skill-based game.

FantasyDangal was created with this passion for cricket in mind. It offers a platform where fans can engage with fantasy cricket. Fantasy Cricket App is India’s largest sports platform. Here users can enjoy the thrill of fantasy cricket on their mobile devices. Fantasy Cricket App allows you to play fantasy games anywhere, anytime. The brand is also affiliated with many sports leagues and cricketers to provide an unmatched gaming experience.

You don’t have to search for the app in the Play store. Simply enter your mobile number to download the app and you can immediately start playing the game. We will send you the link to download the app once we have received your mobile number. Just click the link to download and install the app. Then, you can start playing fantasy games on your smartphone.

Fantasy sports are simple in concept. Create a team of fantasy players, assign a captain or vice-captain, and register it. Based on the performance of your chosen players, points are awarded to your team.

Although this may seem simple, it is not. You need to be an expert in the sport and have the ability to build a team by doing thorough analysis. There are many fantasy sports in India such as fantasy cricket and fantasy football. Every day, fantasy sports offers users the chance to win cash prizes and other similar rewards.

4) Puzzle Games

Puzzle games were a great way to pass the time during the pandemic. These games are very interesting. These games can help you to relax, increase your observational skills, and even help you win huge prizes.

You can find many different puzzle games on the internet. game download app : Puzzle games were a popular choice during the pandemic. These puzzle games, which are skill-based and fun, became something many people looked forward too every day.

Block Puzzle, Bloxmash and Color Roller were some of the most popular games during the pandemic. You can play all of the games on the MPL gaming application, and spend some time with them. These games are free to play, but you can also win real money prizes.

MPL offers tournaments and battles for all puzzle games. These battles allow you to compete with other players, win big every day, and even enter them.

5) Action Games

Action games are a joy for everyone. These games keep your competitive spirit alive and the adrenaline pumping. We have seen action games played by people of all ages, not just children.

All games have received equal attention, whether they are running games, biking games or shooting games. Space Combat, one of these games, is located in outer space. You must shoot down any dangers and save your spaceship. To increase his potency, he must also collect gems and similar weapons. Space Combat, one of the most loved action games on the MPL App, has been a crowd favorite during the pandemic.

Bottle Shooting and Space Breaker were just a few of the many action games that became very popular during the pandemic. These games can be enjoyed for fun and even real money.

Play like a pro wherever you are

To be a sports game MVP, you don’t have to spend millions of dollars per year or entertain thousands of screaming fans. To be a champion, you don’t have to train for months. Game download app –  You only need a smartphone or computer to play the best Kiloo sports games. You’ll find a whole library of sports titles that will keep you busy. Are you ready for a rise above your competition? Check out these online sports games and prove that you are worthy of being a champion.

We can’t block you, just like the perfect shot!

Nothing is more satisfying than ripping through defenders with a hot shot, regardless of whether it’s a soccer ball, basketball, or other sport. No one can stop you from being on your game. We can’t stop you from enjoying the best sports games. These cool games are completely free! It doesn’t really matter where you are located. You can play the most popular sports games online as long as you have an internet connection. Let’s talk about these games.

Get your scoreboard singing with these free sports games | game download app

Our free sports games provide hours of thrilling action, no matter if you are looking for a fierce 1-v-1 battle or a race against the clock. Free of charge, you can play solo or with a team, and change sports as often as you like. You have the freedom to choose what you want, so make sure you are practicing your swing, kick, or throw every time. It’s high stakes and there is always action. You have to impress the crowd by doing something amazing. One, even a momentary, break in concentration can cost you the game. Are you looking to play online sports games but don’t know where to start? Below are three of our top online sports games.

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