Black Friday Tips for VPN

Black Friday Tips for VPN

Every year, the fourth Thursday of November is Thanksgiving, and the following Friday is the legendary “Black Friday”! Black Friday is the craziest day of the year for Americans to shop. Most malls open at five or six o’clock in the morning, and some even earlier. Due to the limited number of discounted goods, discount activities from zero o’clock on Black Friday, the day before the Wal-Mart door long queues, the moment the store opens may even be crowded scrambling and caused by the stampede.

There are many students on the Internet who have already posted their Black Friday shopping strategies and have thoughtfully summarized the activities and offers of the merchants for you, so I won’t repeat them here.

The Daily Mail published a report in 2019: consumer rights group Which? 2020 found that 85 percent of goods were cheaper on Black Friday than at other times after tracking the price fluctuations of 83 Black Friday discounted items for nearly six months. Yes, that’s right, the data showed that 85% of the goods with the biggest discounts were in the PC software category, security category.

People are using computers more and more frequently due to the new crown epidemic. Are you worried about privacy being compromised ? No!, a software company from the global top, will be able to solve everything for you.

The benefits of using VPN

Secure encryption: VPN encrypts the data you send and receive over the network, so you can chat online, access web content, send files, etc. safely and securely without fear of third-party theft.

Location/identity masquerading: The VPN server actually acts as a proxy for you on the Internet. Any target server that wants to obtain your identity information can only get information from the VPN server, so it cannot determine your actual location.

Break access restrictions: Some services and websites often contain content that can only be accessed from certain designated regions. By switching the location source with a VPN, you can bypass the location detection mechanisms of these services. Imagine trying to access content from your hometown while traveling across the country or on business, or if the content you want to access is restricted to certain regions only.

The function points of iTop VPN and their description are as follows:

IP Protection Change the IP source with a VPN server to effectively hide your actual IP and avoid location/identity exposure.
Data encryption High strength & real-time encryption of data sent and received on the network to avoid theft of personal information.
Smart Connection Intelligently selects the most suitable VPN service for connection according to the user’s Internet scenario, one-click & foolproof.

Three protocols Support TCP, UDP, HTTPS three network transmission protocols, to adapt to various Internet scenarios.
Virus Scan & Clean Scans and cleanse the system of harmful virus programs to ensure the security and stability of the system.

Privacy Scan & Cleanup Scans and cleans up personal usage traces in the system to avoid local theft of private information.
No Log promises never to record and store users’ personal privacy data and never to monitor and steal.
IP Checker detects and displays IP and location-related details, allowing users to know their online status in real-time.

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