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Content marketing is certainly the best way to improve your relationship with your customers and increase conversion rate.

However, turning your regular website visitors into loyal customers isn’t as easy as it sounds! According to a survey by SocialTriggers, a majority of the blog subscribers unfollow it after the first three months, which is certainly not in your favor.

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So, what you can do to retain your existing customers, blog subscribers and keep them interested in your products and content for a long time? Why do some blogs fail to retain readers’ attention and others keep breaking records? In this piece, we’ll discuss all this and more!

1. Relevancy is Key!

Be relevant.

Be authentic.

Today, people are smart. If they see any pointless blog posts on your website, they won’t take more than a second to leave your web page. Therefore, if you want them to keep them interested in your content, then make sure your content is relevant, engaging, and relatable. Your readers don’t belong to Mars; create content that they can connect to!

You can spark your readers’ interest in your blog posts is by keeping the titles optimistic, adding some urgency in tone, and keeping the content short and concise. Avoid using generic titles even if you’re sharing something general. Just try to spice up your topic with some adjectives or trendy words.

2. Up Your Social Media Game

We spent a major portion of our lives on social media, right? When was the last time you saw an ad on social media and decided to purchase it right then and there? Not so long ago, I bet!

The thing is, we’ve gotten so busy in our lives that when we just like something on social media, we check the reviews and purchase it right away! Whether it’s the right behavior or not, that’s another debate, but it is what it is!

How can you leverage this consumer behavior to turn it in your favor? You just need to expand your social media outreach. Create your social media pages on all social media platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Quora to Reddit.

Build your online community on every platform you can think of, and strengthen your relationship with your customers by actively posting short, interactive, and informative content, replying to their positive and negative feedback and posting stories about your new products or offers.

However, don’t forget that over-stuffing your followers’ news feed might backfire. Post quality content and don’t overshare.

Use relevant hashtags and keywords, and try using an app for scheduling your posts to save time! Try creating multiple versions of your social media posts to approach a larger audience.  

3. Share the ‘Happy’ Reviews!

People trust your customers’ feedback way more than they trust you!

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The biggest mistake you can make online is ignoring a positive review or comment. As soon you receive a genuine, positive comment from your client, share it on your website.

Ever heard about in-content testimonials?

Your main goal for creating a blog is to increase conversions. Hence, don’t shy away from incorporating customer testimonials into your blog posts.

Several brands deploy this strategy to familiarize their blog readers with their position in the market and establish themselves as a reliable business in their eyes.

Try to place HTML boxes containing conversion-centric CTAs within your content, but make sure that it looks seamless. Try offering giveaways and discounts to encourage people to convert.

Also, use visual testimonials such as a photograph of your customers’ tweet or a video of an influencer sharing their experience with your brand, etc.

4. Get Your Customers’ Pressure Points!

Once you get your customers’ pressure points, turning them into paying customers will no more be a big deal!

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You can use your customers’ pressure points and the gaps in the market as an effective way of generating more leads for your business.

Once you learn where to press, you’ll get in a better position to attract their attention.

This is the main reason why the internet is flooding with ‘“How to” blog posts and why these posts are still the ones that receive the most reader count. Your content should always be relevant to your customers’ ‘’pain points’’.

You can identify your customer’s pain points by analyzing the problems you aim to solve along the customer journey, what your customers complain the most about, and try to work on it.


You need to understand your customers, and once you do that converting them into your regular customers will no more be a hassle.

You can post short quizzes, share your customers’ experience, offer discounts and do everything you can to strengthen your relationship with your customers. However, you must ensure that your Blog Posts are optimized, SEO friendly, and focused on your niche.

This will help in boosting your conversion rate, and you’ll soon start noticing an unexpected upsurge in the conversion rates.

 Therefore, in order to ensure that you readily publish premium quality Blog Posts over our website, it is best to hire a Professional Blog Writing service; that can deliver high quality and optimized blog posts for your business.  

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