Edge AI is the Future of Data Processing

Edge AI

Edge AI is the Future of Data Processing – The data are going to be more and over time. Since 2010 when it reached 2 zettabytes annually, its flow is turning overwhelming. Its credit goes to mobile computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). By 2025, the data are going to be around 175 zettabytes, and … Read more

Four High-Impact Areas of Machine Learning in Retail Sector

ai in retail

The retail customer experience is undergoing an AI-fueled upheaval. In the next years, machine learning will revolutionize how customers make purchasing decisions. The retail world is changing, and artificial intelligence is guiding the way. A typical machine learning model transforms massive amounts of complicated data into usable insights, improving consumer behaviour and market trends. These … Read more

Gaming Content Moderation Company

online gaming content

More than any industry, the gamer’s sect has been more responsive to the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for developing immersive game experiences. The sector is blossoming with multi-million dollar investment coming in from all quarters, as technologies backed with AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality continue to help expand gaming horizons further. Games have become … Read more

Top 4 High-level programming languages for quantum computation

languages for quantum computation

Computers functioning on quantum physics principles have enormous potential, which is why quantum computing is gaining attention. It is compelling to have high-programming languages for quantum computers to translate ideas into useful instructions. These computers envisioned in the late 20th century, are hybrid machines that consist of classical computers and quantum devices that send instructions … Read more

Material handling robots industry 2021 Development Trend, Chain Suppliers, Key Players Analysis and Forecast to 2027

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Material handling robots industry 2021-2027 New Study Reports “ Material handling robots industry 2021 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2027” has been Added on MarketResearchFuture. Introduction/Report Summary: This report provides in depth study of “Material handling robots industry” using SWOT analysis i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat to the organization. The Material handling robots industry report also … Read more

Artificial Intelligence Market Value Predicted To Reach US$ 313.18 Billion by 2027

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ReportCrux Market Research has published a new report titled “Artificial Intelligence Market by Offering (Hardware, Software, and Services); by Technology (Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Machine Vision, and Natural Language Processing); by Application (Media & Advertising, BFSI, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Automotive & Transportation, IT & Telecom, Retail and Others); and by Region: Global Industry Trends, Dynamics, Competitive Insights and Forecast Analysis, 2020 – 2027”.

Which Data Annotation Companies are Best to Provide NLP and Transcription Services?

data annotation companies

Data annotation companies are basically involved in annotating the different types of data available in the various formats like text, images and videos etc. And the data annotation process is done to create the training datasets for machine learning and AI model developments. Data Annotation Companies Labeling the data with added metadata or notes becomes … Read more

Why Marketing is Best Role-based Career for Data Scientists in 2021

Data Analytics has found its application in numerous business domains, and Marketing is one of them. Today’s data science professionals are found to be more attracted to Marketing roles than simply technical jobs. In this article, we have pointed out why? Reason 1: Marketing is coolest gig job ever As we head into a 100% … Read more

5 Times AI Went Horribly Wrong

Applied AI course

Every piece of technology is brought to its optimal shape through a process of test, trial, error, and research. Artificial Intelligence is no exception. The idea of a cognitive computer has been in the news for decades and currently we have a functional model of artificial intelligence based on technologies like machine learning and neural … Read more

Analysing the Impact of ML on SEO and Why Should You Prep up


Anyone who has not been living under a rock knows or has at least heard the term ‘Machine Learning’. Simply put, ML is a sub-segment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows computers which are not explicitly programmed to access data, learn automatically, and make predictions with no human intervention whatsoever. But do you wonder how … Read more