Check Your Friend’s Birthdays on Snapchat

How To Check Your Friend’s Birthdays on Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the most brilliant social media applications that people use when they want to chat with their friends and other people and one of the best things about the application that attracts more and more people to the application is the feature to share pictures and videos on the application that will not be saved forever in the application. 

The application was a very new phenomenon for people when it was launch and this is why people were immediately attract to the application and download it to use it. Along with this; the application is even making it possible for people to build strong relationships between friends and one of the best ways in which people can connect with each other is by knowing their birthdays. 

The application allows people to check the birthdays of other people and if you want to know about the same then here in the guide; we are going to tell you how to find birthdays on snapchat so you need to follow all the commands present in the guide without missing any steps. 

How Can You Check Your Friend’s Birthday on Snapchat?

It is not very difficult to look for your friend’s birthdays on the application however; if you do not know it then; we recommend that you stick to the commands that we are mentioning here to know how to check birthdays on snapchat. 

  1. Open the application carefully on your mobile phone and access your account if you are not log into your account. 
  2. Now; you need to open the Chat section in the application by swiping right on the home screen of the application. 
  3. Now; choose the person from your friend list whose birthday you want to see and click on their bitmoji to open their profile. 
  4. You will be able to see the small rocket shape icon on the screen. Click on the same option to view birthdays on snap as further need to choose ‘Minis’ from the second menu. 
  5. Click on the birthday option and the application will then; create a chronological list where you will be able to see the upcoming birthdays of your friends and this will ensure that you can wish anyone whose birthday is approaching. 

This process can be follow on both Android and Apple devices as the interface of the application is very similar on both devices apart from a few differences. This feature is very useful for people who are not able to remember important dates and struggle with the same. 

I am sure that you have understood the steps that we have explained here that will tell you how to see birthdays on snapchat whenever you want to see whether the birthday of any person in your friend list is approaching. If you are not able to follow this process then; you will be happy to know that there is another process that you can get to know on the website Onlinegeeks so be sure to visit the website when you are facing issues with the technique. 

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