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Choose the Right Color for the Perfect Look

Choosing a t-shirt should be as simple as pointing at one and paying for it. But that’s only if you don’t care about how you look. If you want to achieve a great look with your t-shirt, it’s important to put some thought into it.

There are various factors to consider when choosing a t-shirt. These include the fit of the t-shirt as well as its style. You also need to consider the color of the t-shirt. Color plays an important role in the overall effect of the t-shirt when you wear it. It also determines how versatile the t-shirt will be.

The Best Colors for Men’s T-Shirts:

If you’re looking to buy t-shirts that you can wear with different outfits and on different occasions, it’s best to go with neutral colors. This goes for solid tees as well as graphic tees like the Vegas t shirts available from LV Strip Tees. Colors such as black, grey, navy and white are timeless. They are easy to match with other colors and are perfect for setting the foundation of any outfit. These colors are in fact classified as basic colors that should make it into any man’s wardrobe. LV Strip Tees offers many of its graphic tees in these neutral colors.

White is a great choice for a t-shirt to layer over. It’s also a great choice to wear on its own in combination with indigo jeans for that classic look. Grey t-shirts are great for providing a flattering silhouette. However, they are not a great choice for men that sweat a lot. Moisture is more noticeable on a grey t-shirt.

If you’re not sure about which shade to go with, go for black or navy t-shirts. Black goes with just about anything and navy will give you that clean, tailored look. Both of these shades are great for a wide variety of occasions.

The Best Colors for Your Skin Tone:

If you want to explore shades other than the classic neutral colors, you will need to consider other factors including the shades that go best with your skin tone. It is always a good idea to experiment with different shades as there aren’t any strict rules to choosing t-shirt colors. However, who has the time or money to waste? A great way to ensure you select a shade that has a flattering effect is by choosing a color that suits your skin tone.

If you have fair skin and lighter features such as light brown, blonde or red hair and blue eyes, you would be better suited to colors that contrast your skin tone such as green, blue and other darker hues. Avoid wearing pastel shades. If your skin and features are darker, consider going for bolder and brighter colors. Avoid dark colors. Darker shades will blend into your skin and may make your skin come off looking ashy.

If you have medium or olive-toned skin, you can try a wide variety of colors. However, you’ll probably have the best results with shades that are closer to your skin tone such as orange and brown. You may also find that you look best in darker colors.

LV Strip Tees offers t-shirts in a wide variety of shades and with different prints. You can also score yourself a cool mens sweatshirt from the online store. The online store features graphic sweatshirts and t-shirts with designs from up and coming artists in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. Visit the store to discover unique prints in a wide variety of colors to suit different preferences and needs. Get cool t-shirts and sweatshirts at great prices.

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