Complete guidance for Cut facial nerve

The facial nerve is the essential reason for the movement of some parts as well for controlling tearing, nasal secretion, saliva production, and many more. In the brain, the facial nerves start, and it goes to the inner ear and middle ear. The facial nerve is divided into numbers of parts with the parotid glands.

Each of the facial nerves controls a different part of the upper as well as the lower face. These facial nerves are mostly damaged by the cancer of the parotid gland. For the treatment of the parotid gland cancer, the physical undergo through some surgery. The primary purpose of the surgery is to cut facial nerve to completely remove the cancer cells.

The surgery of facial nerve cancer leads to some serious problems like limiting the mobility of all the parts of one side of the face where the injury was developed. Some of the people also face the problem like they are unable to move half of their face, which leads to problems with eyes and drooling. Hence it is always recommended that when you have gone through the surgery like cut facial nerve, you must go under facial reanimation problems.

What is facial reanimation?

Facial reanimation therapy is divided into two parts, like dynamic reanimation and static suspension. The primary purpose of static suspension therapy is to move or suspend muscles to improve the way you look. Dynamic reanimation therapy is to provide some movement in the injured side of your face and to prevent the muscle from shrinking to preserve the facial tone.

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