10 Perks of Efficient Distributor Management Solution

10 Perks of Efficient Distributor Management Solution

Distribution management seems a simple thing that means handling your distributors by supplying products, collecting payments, and dealing with returns.

But there are much more than these basic activities these days. So here are some of the perks of an efficient distributor management solution.

Perfect use of resources

The nicest thing about a good distributor_management_solution is that it results in the perfect use of resources. It’s totally an agreeable fact that effective order management, delivery, return procedure, and payment collection system boosted by strong reporting features plays a vital role in acquiring sales targets and required growth.

Precise inventory management

Inventory management can be daunting without a proper system in-hand. Advanced and efficient distribution management system software includes clear visibility of inventory.

Companies can know exactly about products getting out of stock or any new demand that sprouts up in your orders. Distributor Management Solution – Even if your business possesses a huge number of products, distributors, and retailers with a huge market, there will be a minimum number of errors.

Accurate order management

A good distribution management solution combines many automated procedures and communication. This lessens human intervention and errors.

Thus, organizations with huge networks handling hundreds of orders regularly gain the advantage of accurate order management. This offers benefits to the manufacturers, dealers, and retailers.

Even promotions and pricing

A modern distributor management solution lets manufacturers gather performance data of product lines, distributors, and markets regularly.

Companies can come up with custom promotions, pricing, and offers as per these reports. 10 Perks of Efficient Distributor Management Solution – Additionally, they can fix realistic and obtainable targets to encourage and gain better outcomes from dealers and sales teams.

Faster contract documentation and approval

When the entire procedure is online and a database stores all the data, the contracting and approval procedure becomes fast and easy, saving the time of both manufacturers and retailers so that they can have enough to invest more attention to sales and promotional works.

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Also, there will be much lesser paperwork since most of the documentation of contracting and approval of a company’s products and services can be done in digital format.

Stress-free management of delivery and returns

Constant coordination between the sales department, warehouse, distributors, and retailers is very important as product delivery is the most crucial step in the supply chain process.

A distributor management system solution consists of sophisticated features that help in scheduled work of product delivery and return requests so that you don’t have to deal with these issues anymore and there will be no delay as well.

Well-organized form of payment collection

An efficient distributor management system acts as part of an overall business software solution regarding revenue and profit. A DMS also creates easy and organized invoice generation, payment collection, due alerts, and reminders.

Easy distributor claims management

Businesses have to work with several claims covering claims for defective products, returns from customers, rewards, etc. A business utilizing a DMS system gets the advantages of easy claims management and enhanced relationships with distributors.

Get to set better targets and achievements for your organization

The ultimate challenge for sales departments and distributors is to levitate their revenue by each and every quarter. But an organization can only assist its efforts with a procedure of an effective distribution and supply chain management system.

This is due to the reason they acquire a transparent picture of the sales team’s performance and can set realistic yet challenging and achievable targets.

Effective reporting | Distributor Management Solution

Like every business software solution, an effective distributor management solution posses with a user-friendly dashboard. This assists every user (sales department, warehouse, distributors, and payment collection department) to check and download important reports easily.

They can check reports and charts recorded daily, weekly, and monthly and utilize them for forecasting, goal setting, and enhancing sales and operations.

BeatRoute’s easy-to-use distribution management solution provides numerous advantages for FMCG & Consumer Goods Brands including the ones mentioned above.

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