React is one of the best JavaScript libraries that is leveraged by over 40% of developers in the world. It is made by Facebook and is packed with some stunning features that are not found in any other library. These features make it stand out and help ReactJS developer develop state-of-the-art applications with brilliant UIs.

If you are planning to hire ReactJS developer or developers for your upcoming project, there are countless things to take care of. ReactJS developers should not just be proficient in React. But they should also possess various other skills.

In this write-up, we will discuss some key points that you need to keep in mind while hiring React developers.

What to consider while hiring React developers?

Yes, React is rapidly racing towards high demand. But, it doesn’t mean that anyone who knows React is fit for the role. There are many other technologies or technical skills that a React developer should have. Let’s discuss some of those skills! look like ReactJs trends 2023

JavaScript and ECMA

JavaScript is the backbone of React. Therefore, it is necessary to look for someone who has absolute proficiency in JavaScript. He or she should be able to use various features of JavaScript, including syntax and other operations.

Along with JavaScript, ECMA script is also a key requirement in a good React developer. ECMA script enables the developers to simplify JavaScript coding and help them write single-line code easily.

Therefore, these skills need to be tested initially in a developer.

JavaScript Build Tools

You may know that React JavaScript library is not just what comes built-in with it. There are many other functionalities that React provides. These functionalities can help developers reduce development time and boost productivity. To get access to these functionalities, developers should know how to install the JavaScript tools.

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Hence, you need to ensure that they know about installing and using the following tools!

  • Yarn: To optimize npm workflows
  • Webpack: It combines all application resources in one single.
  • Npm: It is cloud storage.

Testing Tools and Frameworks

Mistakes are a part of every process, and there can be many when you are coding. While working with React, developers need to be careful. Although the platform is easy to learn and develop apps, developers need to check the developed app at various development stages for bugs.

To ensure that your upcoming project performs well, you need to hire ReactJS developer who knows how to use testing tools and frameworks. Some tools and frameworks used for various types of testing in React are:

  • Integration testing tools: Karma
  • End-to-end testing: Selenium, Cypress, Nightwatc.js, and others
  • Unit testing: Mocha, Jest, Chai, etc.

Do note that your hired developer knows how to use these tools. To encourage good testing practices, find out if the developer knows about React testing libraries and React hook testing libraries.

Styling Strategies and Frontend Development

The UI is an essential component of every website or app. No matter how functional your app is, it is of no use if the user interface is not good. If you want to develop a great app, you need a developer who knows about user experience. Moreover, they should also know about the strategies that can be implemented to enhance the user interface and UX.

To ensure that your development team gets a good developer, check if they know about the CSS strategies. There are many of them that are used by developers to design awesome apps!

CSS frameworks: Bootstrap and Material UI

JSS: It is for writing style strategy in a declarative and reusable way with JS.

CSS-in-JS: This is for styling components in JS.

Other than these, a React developer should also know about:

  • Backend frameworks like Laravel, Ruby on Rails, etc.
  • Version control systems like SVN, Git, Mercurial, etc.

These are some of the crucial technical skills that a React developer should have. Other than technical skills, a developer should also be fit in terms of soft skills. Here are some soft skills that a developer should possess!

Understanding of the project

The providers of ReactJS Development Services know that there are various kinds of projects. And the requirements for each project are different. Therefore, when hire React developer, make sure they are quick in understanding project requirements.

A professional developer knows how to break down complex project requirements into easy-to-understand tasks.

Learns quickly

There are many things that a developer will know. Moreover, there will also be some that you may have to teach them. As React has countless libraries, frameworks, and packages to grasp, it takes time to get a hold of them. And based on the project, the need to learn different libraries may also arise.

Hence, while hiring a developer, ensure that they are quick and flexible learners.

Team player

When you hire ReactJS developer, they will not be working alone but in a team. So, it is crucial to know how good a team player they are. To know this, you can ask them about their experience of working with a team. Apart from this, you can also get references from them and ask for feedback from their previous company managers or directors. They will help you understand better.


Mobile app development is not just about playing with code to create something cool. It is equally necessary to check out the customer pain points and resolve them. Therefore, while hiring a developer, give them some tasks to test their problem-solving skills. Analyses how quickly they can identify the problem and find a solution to it.

Final Words

React is one of the most demanding tools used for development currently. Therefore, if you are a ReactJS Development Services provider, it is necessary to assemble a good team. To make sure that you developers are fit for all projects, analyse the discussed skills and find them in a developer.

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