Facebook Messenger is not working how to fix it

Just wonder, someone has sent you a crucial message on messenger which is very valuable for you and you have urgent need of that message very next day & next day you woke up and found that your messenger is not working.

We know it can make you surreal for a few minutes or worse could affect your work or business. Keeping that state in our minds we have researched and illustrated everything in this article that will help you if you, unfortunately, drown in the above situation.

So shall we begin?

Nodding can work.

Fixes that may help.

As we promised above, here the some of the fixes which help to get rid of problems like why my messenger is not working.

Dive right into it!

  • Make sure you are on the latest version of the Messenger App
  • Get notified about the Facebook server, as it is quite probable and has seen that issues Facebook messenger won’t open could arise due to the facebook messenger app down
  • Try Force stop Messenger App.
  • Try Clearing Cache and Data of the Messenger App.
  • Re-installing the Messenger App may Resolve this trouble.
  • Enabled save data mode can

occasionally cause this kind of issue like “Facebook messenger won’t open or my messenger is not working

  • Lastly, it is very evident but important that you are connected to a Fast and Reliable internet connection.

By following the above steps, we believe that you can use your Messenger app like before and you don’t have to thank us, we are friends, No?

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