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There are a lot of Instagram influencers and social media personalities on Instagram who have complained about shadowbans in recent times. Even though the staff on Instagram has repeatedly denied accusations of shadow banning, shadow banning is a reality on the platform.

If you’re looking to become a social media influencer and have only recently begun using Instagram, this post is ideal. Learn more about shadow banning, why Instagram does it, and how you can keep your account from being shadow-banned. So, with no delay, let’s jump right into the subject!

What is the Shadowban on Instagram?

Imagine this: you have large social media followers who regularly interact with your posts. But then you notice that your posts don’t get the same level of engagement they had before. So, what has transpired? Have your followers suddenly lost interest in you? Or could there be something else more perverse going on?

In all likelihood, you’ve had your posts have been shadowbanned is a method employed by Instagram to filter out accounts on the platform that don’t adhere to the terms of its Usage. Simply put, if any or more of your posts are banned by shadow, then your followers will not see it in their feeds. In the event of a shadowban, the only way someone will view it is to visit your Instagram account. But, this isn’t the most effective way for an Instagrammer’s posts to get noticed by the public, is it?

If your followers can’t view your posts on their feeds, it’s highly unlikely that they’ll keep visiting your Insta page to check for updates. In all likelihood, you’ll be lost, and your hopes of establishing yourself as an influencer or brand influencer on Instagram will be shattered.

What is the reason for shadow banning?

Although Instagram shadowbans are an act that Insta users are often critical of, however, the reality is that it’s required. The sole reason Insta shadow blocks an account or post from a specific account is to make it appear more legitimate.

In the last couple of years, Insta climbed social media ranks and offered lucrative income opportunities to both brands and individuals. But, many users have attempted to take advantage of these opportunities to earn money using various unjust methods.

Many users Insta customers pay to get Instagram followers via bots, which allows them to increase their followers’ numbers quickly. This can negatively affect its credibility on Instagram, and Insta’s moderators quickly implement their shadowban on the affected pages.

Your Insta page could also be liable to be shadow-banned If you:

  • Utilize excessive hashtags: Many Insta users use 20-30 hashtags to promote the same post, which often includes irrelevant hashtags to get more attention. It is recommended not to utilize more than 5 to 6- hashtags in a post. Also, you should be careful not to use the identical group of hashtags for each post. If you are using identical hashtags for all your posts, Insta’s moderators may consider your posts spammy, resulting in the account being suspended in shadow.
  • Post unsuitable content: If you post content you post that is deemed in violation of Instagram’s Community Standards, it’s very likely to be shadowbanned. Instagram doesn’t recommend such posts to users who aren’t on their hashtag Explore or search pages most of the time.

Although Instagram’s reps have always claimed that they don’t prohibit shadow banning, the reality of the situation is Instagram shadowbans do exist.

How can you tell whether your shadow-banned on Instagram?

The most obvious sign of your Insta account being suspended is a dramatic drop in user engagement. This doesn’t mean there are shadow bans every moment your engagement is reduced. There are times when the engagement rate decreases due to changes in Insta’s algorithm. However, if you’re looking to confirm the status of your shadowban on Your Insta account, you can follow three steps to follow:

Make use of Insta’s Analytics feature:

Instagram has its very own Analytics feature that permits users to view a range of metrics to determine the progress or decrease of their pages. Specific metrics, like impressions or page visits, can improve engagement rates. If you see a dramatic reduction, it could indicate that Instagram has changed accounts into shadow-banning accounts.

Test your shadowban by using online tools:

There’s a variety of internet-based tools like The Heist and Triberr, which can be very useful in determining the hashtags that you’re most likely to be banned from shadowing for. If your account has been banned by shadow, these tools efficiently identify the hashtags responsible for the ban.

Perform do a hashtag search

A hashtag search is one of the most straightforward methods of finding out if or not your account is banned shadow. You have first created your post with a unique hashtag to conduct the hashtag search. Then, you can ask a few of your friends to perform a hashtag search on Instagram with the unique hashtag you chose to use. If they come across your post in the results, then you’re in the safe. However, if they cannot locate your post, your account is probably shadow-banned.

Buy followers to lessen shadow ban risk

Several Instagram-specific posts and blogs claim that getting free Instagram followers results in repressing posts and shadow accounts being banned. However, this tactic is only harmful if you purchase followers via bots. Most services that offer bots as followers are priced at a bargain, and the bots riot in your posts and your comments.

A majority of comments left by bots won’t be relevant to your post. This will be clear that you’ve paid for these followers. This means that your credit could be affected. In addition, the irrelevant comments can also distract people who are genuinely interested in your posts and cause them to turn off, which will affect the growth of your Instagram account.

But, if there is a chance to buy organic Instagram followers, there are no dangers of shadow banning. This is because organic followers offer something most valued according to the Insta algorithm organic engagement. This leads to significant and pertinent comments from people who have read all of your posts. This improves the credibility of your Insta page and the Instagram page. Instagram.

Avoid Shadow bans – the most effective tips

In this final part of the piece, we’ll show you the top methods to avoid an Instagram shadowban:

Eliminate bots from your lists of followers

If you’re following bots, you must immediately take them off the lists of followers. Your followers’ number may decrease following the removal of bots; however, in the end, it will prevent the possibility of your Insta account from getting banned from the shadows. While you’re at it, take the time to remove any suspicious followers when you discover any. Remember, the goal is to create your Insta page as authentic as possible.

Look for banned hashtags on your posts.

Because of the illegal nature of specific hashtags, Instagram has banned hashtags from its platform. When more controversial hashtags appear, more hashtags are likely to be removed in the future. Therefore, before including a hashtag within your post, make sure Instagram does not prohibit the hashtag. If it’s banned, your post will be instantly shadow-banned by the platform.

Don’t rely on third-party apps to post comments and photos.

Participating on Instagram for influencers and brands isn’t an easy task. This is why many Insta users use third-party applications that automatically post comments and pictures on behalf of users. Although such apps can appear quite convenient, the reality is that Instagram monitors their activities and limits their use. If an app does the entire work on your behalf, you’re faced with a great likelihood that your account will be a victim of Instagram shadowbans.

Make sure you adhere to Insta’s Terms of Service.

The Instagram Community Guidelines and Terms of Service are mandatory in most Insta accounts to adhere to. It might surprise you that most Insta users are entirely ignorant of these two rules. In simple terms, the moment your posts conform to The Community Guidelines and Terms of Use, the odds of having your account banned by shadow are very slim.


If you happen to encounter censorship issues with posts on Instagram, it’s a fair possibility that you’ve had your account shadow-banned. One of the most effective ways to get rid of shadowbans for Instagram is to get rid of any suspicious followers (including robots) and purchase organic followers through a reputable service supplier.

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