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There are several different vinyl sticker printing machines for purchase out there that’s perfect for small DIY jobs or large corporation in die-cut and sticker production industry.

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Most of these vinyl sticker machine have some pre-set cutting width and length of area, so as to the required size of the decals you need to produce, you simply need to pay close attention to those features.

If you wish to have several types of stickers, then it is recommended to cut your designs as per the standard vinyl sizes.

However, if you’re looking for some additional design options, then it is recommended to cut your decal to sizes that fit your custom needs.

This will further add to your personalized decal printing experience.

There is a wide variety of vinyl sticker printing machine in the market. But before you start deciding upon one, it is best to understand the process of designing stickers. You can use special software or stencils to apply stickers or apply them manually.


For effective outcome of any design, the number of stickers you need to print and the required areas of your graphics, text and colors must be determined.

Once you have all the relevant information at hand, you can easily decide on the best suitable vinyl sticker machine.

Firstly, you must know about the common features of each of the models available on the shelf.

Some of the most important factors to consider when choosing a vinyl decal maker machine are the following: Cutting width, cutting depth, fast action, programmable options, built-in software, power source, battery type and so on.

You can get additional information from your dealer or helpdesk. In case you’re having second thoughts about any particular machine model, then it’s always safe to ask for second opinions. If the customer service of a company is good, then they will provide you with detailed information.

When you are purchasing the necessary equipment for sticker printing, make sure that the product comes with a good warranty. The price of a certain product is not indicative of its quality. The quality of a product depends on the ingredients that are used for the manufacturing process.

A high priced sticker printing device may be adequate if it comes with a decent cutting force, but if you want better output than that, go for a different product.

Check the various cutting widths available in each of the vinyl decal maker machines and select the one with the highest cutting force.

Speeds of the printing process

Check the different speeds of the printing process. If you are interested to serve the query only with maximum accuracy, then, the minimum cutting speed is sufficient. The printing device should have a decent enough cutting speed so that the final design will be perfect.

If you want more colourful cards, then increase the cutting speed. And the card stock used is glossy, the cutting speed of the machine should be faster to produce glossy cards.

Also, if you are going to purchase a printer from a reputed brand, ensure that it has excellent reviews. If possible, talk to people who have used the printer and get their feedback.

A good printer should be able to produce high quality output even after using the Inkjet printer for just a few minutes. It should produce crisp images, without any skipping or red eye effect.

Also, it should have a decent warranty period and provide free replacements if found defective. You might want to consider buying a printer that prints in both CMYK and Pantone colours.

Vinyl Sticker Printing Machines Review

It will cost a little more but you will be able to use all the colours that you like in your marketing material and make them more effective for your purpose.

This will add to the overall appeal of your marketing cards. In case you do not want to deal with printing paper, then opt for a vinyl card printer.

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