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Game-Changing Investment Solutions: WeMasterTrade and WeCopyTrade Introduce Innovative Platforms

Navigating the challenges of finding the right strategy and securing the necessary capital is a daunting task for traders, whether they’re beginners or seasoned professionals. Fortunately, WeMasterTrade and WeCopyTrade have emerged as solutions with two innovative investment platforms, allowing traders to emulate successful peers and access funds for trading.

Due to Inc. Australia, WeCopyTrade, the parent company, recently introduced WeMasterTrade in Australia, presenting two compelling options for market traders. While WeCopyTrade facilitates trade replication, WeMasterTrade, a subsidiary project, provides essential investment capital for portfolio diversification. Since 2023, both platforms have witnessed a steady expansion of their client base in Australia, poised to leverage the flourishing Australian stock market in 2024 and beyond.

WeMasterTrade, functioning as an angel funding project, grants clients access to trading capital, with a significant portion of profits shared among clients to mitigate losses. Clients can engage in multiple trades until reaching a preset loss limit, supported by a team of skilled traders and a specialized risk management unit to optimize success rates. Meanwhile, WeCopyTrade offers clients the opportunity to replicate the strategies of successful traders for a nominal monthly subscription fee, providing a low-risk pathway to substantial profits.

Tuan Nguyen, the visionary behind both platforms, is committed to empowering traders worldwide. With over a decade of experience in entrepreneurship and a track record of success in various industries, Nguyen aims to foster trust within the trading community while developing innovative solutions to meet market demands. His leadership has propelled WeCopyTrade to new heights since November 2021, facilitating collaboration among traders and expanding into the Australian market in 2023 to assist traders in minimizing risk and diversifying portfolios.

Driven by a passion for empowering traders to achieve financial independence, Nguyen’s leadership ensures that WeMasterTrade and WeCopyTrade not only enhance earning potential but also equip traders with the skills and capital to thrive in the global financial landscape.


Placing WeMasterTrade under the name WeCopyTrade is our start-up project. It addresses two critical challenges faced by traders: the challenge of finding the best strategy and making sure capital is adequately sourced.

Trading Capital: WeMasterTrade is a platform on which investors can get entrance to the provided trading capital that can then be utilized on the company’s trading software. Traders may even get margin finance to expand their portfolios.

Profit Sharing: Our profit, for the financial resources we took from you and other investors, commensurate in part, is evenly divided among all clients. It turns into a ‘stop-loss’ plan of action. Customers can open or close as many trades as they wish, but they can only do so much until they reach a predetermined limit for their loss.

Risk Management: WeMasterTrade is composed of a Risk management department that concentrates on placing effective high-winning orders and provides the possibility of a profitable termination more often.

Angel Funding Project: The work of WeMasterTrade involves a concept of angel investing by giving traders the funds they want to fulfill these strategies.


The mother company recently announced the introduction of WeMasterTrade, in Australia, which is a trading website designed for experienced traders in the country. It is the final choice between either going “long” or “short” in the market.

Copy Trading: Through copy trade, we’ve made it possible for our clients to tap into the expertise of other successful traders by mimicking their trading moves. Such a high-yielding savings course is offered at a comfortable subscription rate.

Founder: Tuan Nguyen, the founder of WeCopyTrade and WeMasterTrade, the inventor behind these concepts, is strongly convinced that all traders, beginners, and professionals, have great potential. Being an entrepreneur for more than 10 years, Nguyen has had experience with business development and leadership and she can gain a global level of trust from the trading community.

Other Ventures

Apart from the fact that Nguyen develops three different spheres of business, which are online education, financial services, and e-commerce, she proves herself to be the founder of the companies. He implements unique approaches that account for the demand in the markets and grows loyalty among clients, dealers, and investors.

Trading Platforms:

WeMasterTrade, as a robotics-driven automated trading solution, utilizes Meta Trader 5 trading platforms that have been fine-tuned for active and experienced traders. Traders now have these great platforms to get through moving markets.

WeCopyTrade delivers a do-it-for-me style of copy trading services which are successfully connected between signals providers and copy investors and is better than any other platform.

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