Attendance Management Software

How Does Attendance Management Software Help HR?

Attendance management is an important task for any organization. In the earlier days, attendance was managed by keeping records in registers where the employees were required to sign as soon as they reached their workplace.

However, technological developments have made it easier to record the attendance of the employees. Even in a time of crisis, the employees could easily update their attendance. There are many applications in the market for attendance management.

Benefits of Attendance Management System

The efficient attendance management system has several benefits. Let’s list a few major of them:

  • Managers gain an empowering hand to keep an eye for any attendance related issues
  • Both the employees and the employers can easily manage to work remotely even in times of crises
  • Ensures that the employees are paid for overtime hours invested by the employees to achieve their goals
  • Boosts employee morale and ensures that the productivity curve is ascending in a constant manner

Attendance management system exceptionally helps in tracking on-field employees. Let us explain how!

There are various organizations that require the employees to work in the field instead of working in office premises. For instance, employees working for Swiggy have delivery agents all around the cities. Mobility of employees increases the need to have a geo attendance feature in keeping track of their location and working hours.

Geo attendance feature assists the employees to update their attendance right from their mobiles in accordance with the location of the employees. Any employee who extended their working time due to any last-minute order he/she is entitled to receive compensation for extra hours of service.

Features of Attendance Management Software

Let’s list a few features that can help in gaining better insight into attendance management software:

Time Management

One of the major features of attendance management is tracking employees’ presence in the organization. The time tracking feature tracks employees’ presence in the organization. Time tracker is responsible for monitoring the amount of time an employee spends working on any system. It measures the time and productivity of the employee in any specific project. Time tracker tools assist in-

  • Project working hours
  • Overtime logged in hours
  • GPS tracking system
  • Rules to round up working hours

Attendance Management

Attendance management software handles standard tools that are essentially used to track clock in/out times of the employee. It has the feature to automate attendance tracking systems. It empowers the employees to track leaves and plan vacations and holidays. The software empowers facilities such as :

  • Comp off request
  • PTO requests
  • Leave application
  • Vacation tracking
  • Holiday calendar
  • Online leave management

Employee Management

Empowering the employee became an essential part of the time of crises. Technological advancements have assisted in maintaining a healthy working virtual environment even in times of crisis. Databases compile employees’ information in one place with easy access. It aims to make time and attendance management more visible and easily accessible for employees and the employer. There are tools such as

  • Employee database
  • Mobile access such as android and IOS devices
  • Self-service portal
  • Employee roster
  • Leave and vacation management


Integration has gained tremendous popularity in no time. Without integration of third-party or other software, the organization may fail to function as a combined suite for attendance management. Integration assists in the co-existence of these applications as it transfers data required from one application to another. Time and attendance of the application transfers data to payroll and core-HR software. The integration features can help in-

  • ERP integration
  • HCM integration
  • Data API

These are a few features that show the imperativeness ofattendance management software. Having said that, it is essential for the employer to opt for a compatible application for better results. If in case the application does not compile with the existing application it may create chaos.

Wrapping Up

Attendance management is one of the tasks in an organization that requires an eagle’s view of managers and ease of accessibility to employees. Before implementing this software into your system, employers must ensure that employers’ software does keep track of the working hours of employees but without compromising the flexibility of working hours.