How eCommerce Businesses Use Texting Service to Get Re-targeted Their Customers

As the world continues to use smartphones and tablets, many eCommerce businesses are now looking for new ways to reach their customers. One of the newest trends is using texting service.

Texting service offers valuable information that is valuable for customers who may not have time to visit the company website. By texting their customers, companies are able to get re-targeted them and promote their products or services whenever they want. Here are some tips on how you can increase your business through text messaging.

Why text messaging is necessary

Text messaging service has become so valuable to companies because it’s one of the easiest ways to reach customers on the go. According to recent statistics, 85% of all American adults own a smartphone and more than 50% of those people use their phone as their only form of communication. This means that if you want to reach someone, they’re probably going to check their phone. Text messages are also more valuable than many other forms of advertising because they’re personalized. They can be delivered at any time and you can send them out again with just a few clicks.

Texting Service Options for an E-Commerce Business

There are many different text message service options for an e-commerce business. Some of the most popular options companies use are SMS, or text messaging through a phone number, or Twilio.

What to Text to Your Customers

Texting your customers is a great way to get re-targeted and promote your products or services. But remember that not all texts are useful. If you want to text your customers, you should:

-Keep it short:  Texts should never be more than 160 characters. Longer messages will put off customers and they’ll stop reading.

-Keep it interesting:  Try adding pictures or GIFs to your texts so they’re more memorable.

-Personalize it:  Include the person’s first name in the text so they feel like you actually know them. It’ll make them more likely to open the message and read it.

How often to text?

The frequency of how often you text your customers will depend on the nature of your message. If you are just texting to promote a sale, then one or two texts per month should be enough. If you are trying to offer customer service to your customers, then it would be best to text them every day.

How Not to Text.

A lot of people believe that texting is a great way to promote their business. btfnl That may be true, but there are some ways that you can do it wrong. لعبة البوكر اون لاين

First of all, don’t use a spammy tone when you text your customers. This will make them not want to talk to you anymore and they’ll block your number. Second, don’t send too many texts in one day either. If you’re going to send a text, make sure it’s worth sending or else your customer may not even bother reading it if they feel like they’re being spammed. Finally, don’t send texts for things unrelated to your company. For example, if you own a pet store and offer pet sitting services as well as selling pets, don’t send a text asking someone if they want a walk for their dog. It’s important that the people who receive your texts know that this is something that will benefit their life in some way and doesn’t just have relevance to the company itself.


Texting is on the rise. With more than 20% of the population on the receiving end of some 2,000 texts per month, it’s no wonder companies are turning to text messaging as a means of re-targeting customers.

But with so many options out there, how do you know which texting service is right for your e-commerce business?

The good news is that there are so many options that you can experiment with different strategies or mobile marketing strategies until you find the right one.

Here are some things to consider when choosing your texting service:

  • How often should you text?
  • Do you want to offer automated messages?
  • Would you like to integrate text messages into your email marketing?
  • Do you need to integrate with social media?
  • What type of campaign do you want to create? (e.g. customer retention, lead generation, etc.)

The right service will provide the functionality you need to meet your goals.

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