How Social Media Companies Moderate Content?

Moderation is the process of controlling the wanted contents from the online platforms like social media networking sites. And it is basically known as social media content moderation to moderate the different types of contents not suitable for the normal audience.

Social media content moderation is the process of moderating the contents on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Tumbler etc. All types of offensive or objectionable contents like unwanted videos, images or pictures not suitable for all age group of people.

As soon as such contents are posted, a team content moderators, keep any eye on such content and remove them before it become viral and visible among other audience. The social media moderators put down such unwanted contents with immediate effect on all social platform.

User generated content moderation service

The contents are generated by the users on these social platforms are known as user generated contents (UGC). Such users post different types of contents like texts, images, videos or other indicative contents in various formats. And to moderate such UGC, experienced moderators work round-the-clock from various part of the world, making the social platforms clean and free from spam contents.

Types of User Generated Content:

  • Normal Text Post
  • Blog & Article Post
  • Users Stories
  • Collective Interviews
  • Comments & Likes
  • Forum Discussions
Social Media Content Moderation

Moderation Techniques for Social Media Content

Moderating the contents purely depends on the online platform and types of contents. Sometimes contents are moderated before posting and sometimes moderated after posting. Means few social media platforms allow the visible of content immediately after updating, while few of them send it to moderators to check its category and appropriateness to show it to online audience. So, there few popular social media content techniques are listed below.

The Moderation Techniques:

  1. Pre-moderation
  2. Post-moderation
  3. Reactive moderation
  4. Distributed moderation
  5. Automated moderation

Social Media Moderation Companies

Apart from its own individual content moderators, social media companies hire social media moderation companies who perform tis moderation process on behalf of them. And these content moderation companies have team of dedicated moderators with access to monitor the unwanted contents and remove them immediately from the social platforms with immediate effect.

Cogito is one the well-known social media moderation companies provides the content moderation for all the leading social networking websites. It has ability to moderate any type of offensive and objectionable content from social media platforms with quick action and right decision.

Cogito works with well-trained and highly experienced social media moderators to remove all types of erotic and suggestiveness contents from the online platform with quick action and immediate effect across the channels. Content moderator at Cogito are expert in detecting any type of suspicions or ambiguous content to filter to and remove including photos, videos, and live streams.


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