If you live in Australia, sport is important. Sports show coverage on social media- You personally don’t like to look at different balls of different shapes, drive through water or push yourself to the limit of physical endurance, but at the social level in this country there is nothing more socially acceptable than sports.

And the use of social media has become a lot of concern when it comes to sports coverage.

On the one hand, sports and social networks are ideally combined with each other. It is estimated that on average 700 to 800 tweets per second are sent per day.

During the last World Cup this number rose to over 3,000 per second it was scored.

This shows the social media reach

. Five or ten years ago, while watching a game at home, you called a friend to point out that your team had mopped his floor. At best, you will have an audience of a few friends who can complain about the judge’s decision.

Today, thanks to social media, you can share your thoughts with the world. This condition has not gone unnoticed by the traditional mass media of nba중계  communication.

At the recent Bathurst 1000 motorcycle race, TV channel 7, dedicated to its advertisers, paused after every commercial break, meaning the TV race ended 30 minutes after the real-life race.


This meant that the result of the race was widely known as Channel 7 was still trying to give the impression of a “live” event, which annoyed some viewers very much. As I mentioned, Channel 7 found itself in a Catch-22 situation.

If he hadn’t stopped the action, the audience would have complained that something was missing. If he hadn’t gone for advertising, he would have lost a lot of money.

What begs the question? Social media is changing how the world interacts, how the world thinks, and how the world expects to receive information.

It is not only the traditional broadcasters and media that must accept and adapt to this rapidly changing situation.

Advertisers are currently paying more for big sporting events. They will soon have to wonder if they want to be associated with delayed broadcast or real-time social media coverage.

In a country like Australia, where sport has such a strong impact on the national psyche and where a new generation of tech-savvy people with disposable income already needs immediate word of mouth news, there is only one logical answer. .

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