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There’s no denying that technology has progressed in huge leaps over the past few decades. Tech in golf is no different – we’re now at the point where it’s built into every aspect of the game.

Golfers aren’t the only ones benefiting from it, either. Kickstart Golf equipment manufacturers, golf course maintenance supervisors, and golf trainers are all taking advantage of the technological advances in space.

But this makes for a much more well-rounded game of golf, for everyone involved. Kick Start From beginning to end, the experience of sport is improved with tech. Let’s look at how technology has elevated the game of golf.

Golf Game Improvement Tools

Everyone wants to get better at their game, and technology can definitely help. Kickstart From pocket trainers to always-available game play, here’s how the latest tech is helping golfers improve their game.

Game Tracking Apps

Golfers have always had to keep track of their stats, but technology is allowing them to collect and track massive amounts of data much more easily that help them improve their game.

Smartphones and wearables are keeping track of things like greens in regulation, how many putts per hole you’ve made, and the number of birdies you have. These smartphone apps Kickstart will even keep track of things like your driving and scoring accuracy.

Some smartphone apps pair up with sensors that you place on the end of your clubs, which not only keep track of every intricate detail, but also learns the ins and outs of how you like to play.

It will then provide strategic suggestions on every hole, as well as giving you an idea of what club to use. It’s like having a caddie in your pocket!

Using your smartphone’s GPS, apps like Hole19, SwingU, and GolfShot provide you with real-time distances to greens and hazards, as well as an overview of each hole.

These apps give golfers access to over 45,000 golf courses worldwide, and will allow you to book your tee time online or do a course flyover.

If you want more information on a particular course, you can search for it in the app and it will even let you view ratings and reviews for courses. This is a great feature for when you’re planning your next golf trip!

Swing Analyzing Apps

Golfers don’t need to spend hours hitting balls at the driving range to improve their swing anymore!

Swing analyzer apps use your smartphone’s camera to record every part of your swing. This can then be sent to your golf coach, so they can provide feedback or you can assess it on your own.

You’ll be able to watch your swing in slow-motion or frame-by-frame, so that you can identify any weaknesses. Some apps will let you do a side-by-side comparison, which will highlight key areas for improvement or it may use annotation tools to mark your key swing positions.

Some apps will also analyze metrics such as the swing tempo, backswing time, downswing time, estimated carry distance, launch angle, and ball speed.

You’ll then get instant feedback about your swing tendencies and suggestions on how to improve them.

Golf Simulators

There are many benefits to golf simulators, including that it allows you to play year-round without having to worry about the weather!

Golf simulators are preloaded with golf courses from around the world, and these include World Championship courses.

Having the opportunity to choose new courses every time you play will provide you with new challenges, as well as allow you to develop your skill set. After mastering one, you can switch to another, anywhere in the world.

As you play, the simulator tracks and analyzes your movements and provides tips that can help improve your mechanics or shape your shots. The simulator can even provide suggestions so that you choose the correct club for each shot.

Once you’re done playing your round of golf, you’ll download the feedback on your game. This will help you to narrow down what you should be working on.

In most cases, it’s minor adjustments to your form or your angle of attack that needs to be improved, but getting them right can knock several shots off your scorecard!

Golf Improved Equipment

Golf equipment manufacturers are also taking advantage of the latest technology to create better, more effective, and more comfortable equipment. From golf balls to golf clubs, things have changed for the better.

As well as improving the quality of the equipment, tech also allows you to choose the perfect equipment for you, your swing, and your game.

Golf Clubs

Technological advances have shaped how golf clubs are being made, with manufacturers incorporating the use of artificial intelligence in the design and manufacturing process.

Modern golf clubs are more aerodynamic, lighter, and more durable, but are also capable of delivering more power and launching the ball further.

Hybrid golf clubs are gaining popularity due to their head design, which has a lower center of gravity, leading to an increase in trajectory and distance.

But golfers of all skill levels also find that the lightweight of the hybrid clubs makes it easier to swing and they’re more consistent.

Technology has made it possible for golfers to adjust the launch angle or driver face angle to allow for more precise shots.

Depending on the manufacturer, golfers may be able to adjust the toe and heel weights, allowing you to shape your shot.

It’s perfect for when you want to hit a fade so that your ball curves away from a hazard, or if it’s windy and you want to hit a draw to cut through the wind more effectively.


Considering how technology has elevated the game of golf in the past decades, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the sport in the future.

Technology is moving at a rapid pace. While the integrity of the game remains the same, there’s no doubt that technology is having a huge effect on all aspects of the sport, from gameplay to data capturing to the manufacture of equipment.

The future of golf is exciting, and technology plays a huge role in that! If you aren’t taking advantage of technology to elevate your own game, you’re missing out.

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