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How to choose a radio controlled boat

Cast Your Anchor is your one stop shop for popular rc boats. In Cast your Anchor you will find hot new items like electric nitro and rc boats. You will find a wide variety of sailboats, jet skis, submarines and even remotely controlled hovercraft. Getting started with rc boats can be cheap and easy. Our technicians are ready to help you choose the right radio control boat for any purpose, be it fun, racing or simple recreation.

Our choice of radio controlled boats are all top quality models: from a ready-to-run Jetski to offshore racing boats, modeling radio controlled boats is a very rewarding hobby. Racing fast electric boats or producing a masterpiece at scale – the Cast Your Anchor product range has been chosen to offer as many high-quality models as possible. Nitro RC boats can reach speeds of 55 mph. high speeds. Our boats can come 100% assembled with radio, servos, receiver, everything installed. Or you can build a boat to your own specifications. We are here to help, so get in touch with our technicians.

The first step is to choose your area of ​​interest. From vintage racers, modern sports boats and state-of-the-art hydros to scale tugs, warships and fishing boats, and pleasure yachts, almost any type of boat can be made as an RC model car truck decals . The type of boat you choose and the function you want it to perform will determine what you need. The boat kits are available in various materials and at all stages of completion, from rough blueprints to ready-to-run (RTR) boats. For beginners, RTR kits are a good starting point.