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Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool – Complete Guide

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It is true that users will face many problems while making their way to office 365 from the traditional desktop-based email client such as Lotus Notes. If we look into Lotus Notes, it is an email client with few communication features. However, Office 365 provides many features and inbuilt applications such as Excel and Outlook. It is a collaborative platform where sharing of data is easier. With this note, we will provide you with the best knowledge about migration. Many users may know that Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration through manual way is challenging. Moreover, we will provide you with one more solution to simplify the migration process and also helps to reduce the migration time.

Why Lotus Notes users switch to Microsoft Office 365?

Multiple factors exist that drive users look for a better alternative, and Office 365 is one of them. So in this blog, we will list some of the most common reasons that insist users migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 which is a toward cloud-based service.

  • Cost of maintaining Lotus Notes is way more than Office 365.
  • Users only need to purchase the monthly subscription plan for Office 365, which is not in the case of Lotus Notes, as users need to pay upfront charges to purchase it.
  • Lotus Notes has the downtime that users can only manage one account simultaneously. But with Office 365, managing multiple accounts at the same time is a lot easier.
  • Upgradation to the latest version is troublesome for the users as they need to manually upgrade. On the other hand, Microsoft automatically installs the update, eliminating users’ need for intervention.
  • Good technical knowledge is required to run Lotus Notes which is not for Office 365. Using Office 365 is more accessible because of its better user interface.

How users can manually Migrate Lotus Notes into Office 365?

The manual migration solutions include the MONTI migration guide, enabling the TCP/IP port for users. We will go through both these methods in order to give user a fair understanding of them. However, the manual Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration solution comes with multiple downsides, making it challenging to achieve the result timely. If any user trying to migrate HCL Notes mailboxes and facing any issues, follow our technical guide, which will help you to implement that method quite comfortably.

Note-: A single can cost you a lot, so it’s better to take help from the technical expert to follow the migration or follow the below-mentioned steps carefully.

MONTI: A Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Guide

It is a migration guide that is available on the Microsoft website. We have shared the procedure to download the guide for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration step by step, which are as follows:

  • Visit the Official website of Microsoft and from there, look for the download center.
  • Now search for the MONTI migration guide. Once you find it, click on the download button.
  • Downloading will start on the user system, and later on, double-click on the MONTI.exe.
  • Click on Unzip option to begin extracting the files.
  • Once done, open the migration guide and follow the instruction to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 environment.

This guide will constitute 84 long pages of the migration instruction, which is a daunting task. Moreover, a single mistake or leaving of any procedure while migrating the data can leave your migration task in trouble. So please make sure to handle the migration with utmost care and responsibility.

Migrate to Office 365 from Lotus Notes by enabling TCP/IP Port for Users

Users need to follow some instructions before migrating the Lotus Notes mailboxes. First of all, to secure the data from any mishappening, it is a must to take the backup of the complete Lotus Notes data. After that, proceed with further steps to migrate the Lotus Notes user’s data into Office 365.

  1. Make sure to create mailboxes in Office 365 for every active user of Lotus Notes.
  2. Start enabling the IMAP TCP/IP port for all Lotus Notes users; there are few steps to do that, which is given below:
  • First, you need to open Lotus Notes and then go to the Configuration tab.
  • After that, launch the Server documents in order to run the IMAP service.
  • Now proceed with opening the Port>> Internet Port>Mail Tab.
  • You need to enable the TCP/IP Port value, save the changes, and click on Next.

Once you successfully complete the process mentioned above then, you need to use the IMAP connector to synchronize the data of the Lotus Notes with Office 365. However, this method to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 has various downsides, which users should pay attention.

Professional Tool for the migration of Lotus Notes into Office 365

Due to the multiple limitations posed by manual migration solutions, it is better to utilize third-party software to reduce migration time. One of the best and tested solutions is Shoviv Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration tool. It can migrate complete Lotus Notes data quickly while maintaining the original hierarchy of all folders. Even the tool allows to take the preview of all added data into its preview pane which ensure that no unrequired goes for the migration.

This utility provides a user-friendly interface; because of it, even a non-technical user can use this software without facing any issues. If we look into its core competencies, adding multiple Lotus Notes mailboxes simultaneously is one of them. It also equips with the incremental export option to make the interrupted will resume without creating data duplicity. Along with the above features, the tool also allows filtering the data on several criteria. To check all such functionality, users can download its free version.

Ending Remarks

Users will face ups and down on the way from Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration, but there is an alternative to overcome the problem posed by the manual solution. It is eminent that performing the manual method is not a one-way traffic. Users can look towards the third-party, which eradicates the difficulty of migrating Lotus Notes mailboxes. In case of any doubt on the software’s capability, they can look for using their free demo version.