How to Perform Comfast WiFi Extender Setup?

Want to enhance the existing router network in your home? Troubled by WiFI dead zones in your home? Take out advice and invest in a Comfast WiFi range extender. It has become a well-known name due to its top-notch performance. Get trouble-free internet access throughout your home by getting a Comfast WiFi extender setup done. Turn the dead zones into fun zones using a Comfast extender. If you want to know how to set up a Comfast range extender in your home then this is the right post for you. Keep reading further.

Comfast Extender Setup: Manual Method

  1. Unwrap your brand new Comfast WiFi range extender. Keep all the accessories, cables, and user manual with care. You will need them.
  2. Choose a good location near your router to place the extender. Make sure there is an available power socket at this place.
  3. Connect antennas if there are any.
  4. Now plug the Comfast extender power adapter into the power socket and turn the power button on. Make sure the extender is receiving a non-fluctuating power supply.
  5. Wait till the lights are stable.
  6. Now fetch your computer or laptop and turn it on. Using a PC with an updated OS will ensure no issues during the process.
  7. Fire up any internet browser that you prefer. Get it updated to the latest version if it is outdated to avoid any issues.
  8. In the URL bar of the browser, type the default IP address of the Comfast range extender. You can refer to the user manual to find the default IP address of your extender.
  9. Press the Enter key on your keyboard now.
  10. This will navigate you to the Comfast login page wherein you got to enter the login credentials of the extender.
  11. By doing so and clicking on the Login button, the door to the Comfast extender admin dashboard will open.
  12. Finally, follow the prompts that you will see on the screen and complete the Comfast range extender setup process.

There you go! You have successfully set up your extender using the manual method.

Comfast Extender Setup: WPS Method

If you find any issues while performing the Comfast setup using the manual method discussed above, then you have one more option that you can try. We are going to discuss another method known as the WPS method to set up your Comfast wireless range extender. It is much easier and simpler than the manual method. However, there is one condition the router that you own should be WPS-enabled. Thus, if you own one such router, then go for this method to set up your Comfast range extender.

  1. Bring the Comfast extender to the same room where the router is placed.
  2. Plug the Comfast WiFi range extender into an active power socket. Power up your router as well. Once the lights on both devices are stable, you can go for the next step.
  3. Look for the button labeled WPS on the extender now.
  4. Found? Push it right away.
  5. Now, do the same with your router.

That’s it! With this, you complete setting up your Comfast wireless range extender using the WPS method.

The Closing Note

Right after setting up your Comfast range extender, you can now relocate your extender to a new place in your home. An ideal location to place an extender is somewhere in between the place where the router is placed and the place where you want to extender the network. Apart from this, you need to change the admin password of the extender to secure your network. Also, update the firmware of your extender to keep getting its best performance.