How to Record Your Videos?

If there is an underrated utility tool for any pc, then screen recorder is without a doubt on top of that list. Having something on your screen that you want to share with your viewers, coworkers, friends or family is a very common occurrence in everyone’s life. And that is where iFun Screen Recorder comes into play. How to Record Your Videos?

Completely Free to Use iFun Screen Recorder

But before diving into the software, let us take a look at why your screen recording tool is an essential part of your computer.

Why do you need a screen recorder?

There are many uses of a screen recorder. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using the amazing iFun Screen Recorder on your PC.

Communication improvement 

We can say only so much with words. If you can not meet face to face with your clients or customers or the people for whom you are making a tutorial, a Screen recorder is a blessing. This opens up the opportunity to discuss and situate a stronger communication through your PC screen.

Record Live meeting and classes 

In our busy lives, we often do not get the time to synch with many important classes and meetings. Or sometimes forget some important information on those videos, that we can’t seem to recall.  But not anymore.

A screen recorder like iFun Screen Recorder allows you to record your live meeting, classes, or anything else you can think of. That means you can review everything later when you have the time and store important meetings or classes in a safe place on your computer for later use.

 Creating breathtaking tutorials 

One of the most crucial reasons you should consider using a screen recorder today is due to its amazing ability to create a tutorial. If you are someone who is making tutorials regularly, this is the way to.

With the iFun Screen Recorder, you can make a step by step, in-depth tutorials that your viewers can follow very easily. The recorder also adds mouse click effects to make the video intuitive and easy to understand.

With the screen recording, you can train your employees, trainees or even offer your customers useful insights on your digital products.

Recording gameplay

If you are a gamer who wants to share their gameplay or the highlighted part of gameplay, live streaming does not cut it. You need an amazing screen recording tool like iFun Screen Recorder to help you on this journey.

The gameplay can later be recorded and shared on any platform of your choosing.

How to Record Your Videos? Review

Features of iFun Screen Recorder

Free to use

The iFun Screen Recorder is completely free to use. That means you can download it and start recording your screen right away without any payment.

ZERO time limit

Unlike many other screen recorders out there, the iFun Screen Recorder does not have any time of your screen recording session. That means you can record your session for as long as you want without any worry.

Customized watermark

Want no watermark?

Simply remove it from the menu. 

Want to add your own custom watermark on your videos or tutorials?

You can do that also. 

Built-in video editor 

The most amazing feature of the iFun Screen Recorder is its built-in screen recorder. That means you do not have to record your screen on one software and later trim or edit it on another.

The iFun Screen Recorder features a very powerful, yet lightweight video recorder, that allows you to make all the necessary customization to your videos.

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Final thoughts 

In today’s world, screed recorders have become an integral part of our digital life. And to make the most out of your screen recording experience, give iFun Screen Recorder a try. So, this was the article on How to Record Your Videos? Hope you have found value in it.

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