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With the development of transportation, more and more vehicles are available for travelers who want to travel to Tibet, such as trains, airplanes, bikes, etc. Among the multiple means of transportation, taking flights to Tibet is the most convenient way. Although the plane ticket fare is not cheap, it can save a lot of time. If you come from United States, Singapore, UK, Australia, Canada, India, Hong Kong, etc., you need to arrive in mainland China or Kathmandu first, then transfer another flight to Tibet. No matter where you are from, you have to enter Tibet from gateway cities of China or Kathmandu. Although the number of flights is plenty, travelers still need to book the plane tickets in advance. Because the supplies of the air tickets to Tibet always fail to meet the demand in the peak tourist season.

Nowdays,many foreign tourists will choose to go to the mainland of China for several days and then go to Tibet. In China, there are non-stop flights connecting Lhasa with Chengdu, Chongqing, Diqing, and Xian, while direct flights connecting Lhasa with Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou make stops at Chengdu, Chongqing, Diqing or Xian. Flying from Chengdu will be most convenient, as more than 15 flights leaving Chengdu for Lhasa. Besides, direct flights from other cities often go through Chengdu.  Every day there are many airlines like Chengdu to Lhasa flight that were around 17 flights daily during the peak seasons of summer and autumn.  Besides, the distance between Chengdu and Lhasa is barely 768 miles which means the flight from Chengdu to Tibet is short and convenient.

Train to Tibet is listed as one of the “The world’s top 25 iconic rail adventures”. Riding a train to Lhasa has become a rather good choice of traveling to Tibet with the completion of the world’s highest railway – the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, which is also the only railway to Lhasa from the mainland China at present. Along the way, you will see unique plateau landscapes, such as the blue sky, white clouds, desert landscape, snow-capped mountains, the green pasture, goats and yaks grazing the grassland, turquoise lakes, source of Yangtze River, Hohxil Natural Reserve, etc. Taking a train to Tibet, you will not only enjoy the gorgeous natural scenery of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau but also witness the Tibetan cultural landscape. And, cf course, enjoying the high-quality services on Qinghai-Tibet Railway is also a wonderful experience. Shanghai is an international city that attracts many visitors. It’s a good choice that if you want to start your Tibet trip from Shanghai because Shanghai to Lhasa trains are available every day.

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