How to Rebrand Your Social Media Accounts [8 Platforms]

How to Rebrand Your Social Media Accounts [8 Platforms]

Do you remember when Moz changed its name back to May 2013, (Seems like a long time back for this Mozzer; however, its startups are a part of life.) (Click here) Since then, many people have reached out on our Q&A forums and social media channels to inquire about what we did to make this happen.

Rebrands happen. Although this is a late story, it’s

better told later than never. And it’s not as terrifying as you imagine, I’m

sure of it.

Start planning for the future. It’s not that early.

Do not delay contemplating your social accounts until

your brand revamps the final moment.

collaborate with other businesses to accomplish the task, and you may have to

submit trademark claims if the new brand name has been used. Also, you’ll

likely need to create fresh artwork to use on your Facebook background and

other social media adornments, and that means you need to involve those who

design your graphics. Additionally, in addition to being able to change your

username, you’ll also need to change your company’s information, and I suggest

putting documents together that you can copy and paste on game day. I started

the office at 4:00 a.m. for Moz’s rebranding day, and I can assure you that

preparing me from making horrible mistakes made by this non-morning person.

There’s not enough earl gray around the globe. مواقع رياضية بث مباشر

Captain Picard also dislikes mornings.


It would help if you chose the new handle on Twitter when

the new name of your business is chosen. It’s possible to talk with someone

else who may already have your preferred handle. (Note that Twitter’s rules and

conditions of service to purchase an account.) If you’re only one squattering

person, you can contact Twitter for a trademark violation or simply their

policy of not having active accounts.

At Moz, we established the Twitter handle @Moz two years

before we decided to rebrand. This meant we were well-prepared to go on rebrand


The actual transition to Twitter was reasonably

straightforward. We knew we wanted to keep the original @SEOmoz Twitter account

for monitoring and branding purposes. We were looking to transfer all our

followers from @SEOmoz to @Moz seamlessly.

To make the switch for the switch, first, we changed the

name of the @Moz account to something such as @Moz23. Then we changed @SEOmoz’s

name to @Moz and @Moz23 into @SEOmoz. I had two browsers open and signed in to

both accounts, letting me make these changes in seconds. The followers of

@SEOmoz are then automatically following @Moz.

Switch your username on Twitter.

If you’re verified, you lose your account verification

after changing your name. However, we could restore it by contacting our ad

account representatives on Twitter, and they were well aware of our brand

change before the time it took place. (We would like to have backup plans in a



Facebook may be a more complex platform to alter your

business name, especially in the case of having greater than 200 people

following you, and your brand name has three characters or less. We both work at

Moz, and it resulted in Facebook needing to handle all the changes on our


If you’re switching an account with more than 200

followers, it is possible to apply to Facebook to change its name. We were

fortunate; at the time, we had an ads account manager with whom we could

connect directly. If there’s any time to reach out to request the favor of

When you’re rebranding, it’s during the change of brand.

The good news is that as of our rebranding, Facebook has

made it simpler to request a vanity URL and page name change. It could take

some days or even weeks to finish the process at their end via the request

page. Be aware of that in your mind. There are reports from those living in

Britain UK about this option might not be made available across the world.

Also, you can only modify your vanity website one time!

Be sure to change the name of your page before you make

changes to your URL since Facebook will need to accept any name alteration.

Change your name on Facebook.

Facebook needed a lot of documentation regarding the

rebranding process. They demanded to see our legally valid trademark registered

on Moz (easy enough to do with public records), Our marketing materials (we

provided them with an internal slide deck as well as images of our new website

in the stage environment), Our press release, and proof of our ownership stake

in We also needed to make sure that nobody from Facebook would leak

our rebrand (not because our rebrand was secret or that we were famous).

However, if you’re planning the rebranding of your

business and your has a rebranding or culture subject to confidentiality

agreements or super-secret plans, you might encounter a problem here. At Moz,

we were unsure internally about the amount of information we could divulge

without a non-disclosure contract. It is required to submit documentation about

your rebranding and legal rights associated with your new brand. Here’s the

information from Facebook: Facebook states.

Facebook requires documentation

Then All said and done, we provided Facebook with

sufficient documentation and provided them with our new username and our new

date, as well as the time we wanted to transfer our account. Then, at seven.

a.m. on the 30th of May, the account was changed to SEOmoz into Moz on our

company’s Facebook page and our fan base.


vanity URL can be simple to change on Facebook using their interface. But, you

can only change the page’s name at a time, so if your name change isn’t

accepted and you have to begin from scratch, You want to keep your vanity URL

indefinitely. After you have changed your vanity URL, it is no longer possible

to claim your previous brand. reviews

When it seemed that there was only Lady Gaga had a vanity URL, SEOmoz had one. Legends tell us that the gods appeared to us one day, which led to the creation of the +SEOmoz.

I was naive to think that I could modify the vanity URL because there was already one or that; after that time, Google would notice that we’d changed our name and take care of the work for us. I was mistaken with both of them. I also had hoped that when everyone else began getting vanity URLs, there’d be a way to modify our own. But no luck.

You can change your business page’s name on the profile page of the interface. It can be anything you like, such as a smelly cat, a lover of chip potato, or a lover of dinosaurs made of paper. You might want to consider rebranding your name.

Change your G+ profile name.

A tip for you: the old random number that you are assigned will direct you to your business even if you’ve got an unofficial URL. At Moz, we chose to use the number to link to our company page for our company from our website. This was to ensure that you don’t inquire about any site issues, and we took a risk if we awake one day with a new vanity URL. اسرار لعبة الدومينو الامريكانى

It’s also essential not to reverify your domain’s URL, especially if trying to determine authorship or publishing status. Ensure that your web developer is aware of this, and don’t forget to make sure your bloggers alter the personal G+ accounts to show the new domain URL to indicate authorship.

Our G+ page for our company has been updated to Moz. However, the vanity URL shows SEOmoz. جدول اليورو 2024 The good news is that Google doesn’t bother with SEO on its pages. 😉


Make sure that your YouTube account — now automatically linked to the Google+ page as part of YouTube’s anti-spam initiatives. Manager for the G+ business page. Connect them so that the entire videos on your YouTube videos are visible on the G+ page. You can share your YouTube videos there, and all of your YouTube remarks and posts will show on your G+ page’s notifications. Although you don’t need to make this change, this will simplify your life as the name you change on your page in G+ will change your YouTube names well,

Change your display name to G+ to be used on YouTube

There are some strange rules on YouTube concerning vanity URLs, however. In some ambiguous circumstances, YouTube does not permit users to use a vanity URL that no one has ever linked to an account; even if the account was deleted, we could not get Moz and instead chose MozHQ to create our vanity URL.

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