Data Science

You might have heard that data science can be a lucrative career, but you may not know where to start. Our partnership with experts at Cranes Varsity Institute provides you with an online Data Science course .

And that teaches you everything from R programming to machine learning. And even how to analyze data in Tableau using Python! This comprehensive course also features exclusive hackathons, masterclass, and Ask-me-anything sessions.

These sessions are from top industry experts and data scientists who will show you how to build your career in this exciting field! However, after that you can develop your own product with scrum platform. To do so, all you will need is csm certification!

What is Data Science?

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of data analysis. And that deals with extracting knowledge and insights from data in various forms, such as structured or unstructured. Data scientists are employ by companies ranging. These are from small startups like Airbnb, LinkedIn, Twitter to tech giants like Google, Facebook and Microsoft etc.

Here are some interesting facts on data scientist. Data scientist earns almost $110k per year and more than 50% of them work for firms having less than 1000 employees only. The demand for skilled data scientists has been rising rapidly over time. Which has led to increase in salaries across sectors.

Different From Business Analytics

Data science is a relatively new field, but businesses of all sizes are beginning to realize its value. While business analytics can take months or even years to provide useful insights. Data scientists can return useful information in days or weeks. Data science also incorporates methods and technologies that business analytics doesn’t typically use. For example, data scientists use machine learning tools like R and Python in conjunction.

These are with Hadoop and Tableau rather than just SQL-based tools like Microsoft Excel. Finally, unlike business analytics experts, data scientists don’t spend their time building dashboards; they spend their time working on complex algorithms and models designed to pull out meaningful patterns from large datasets. That said, you still need significant technical knowledge if you want to become a data scientist (or master any other data-driven job). This career guide offers tips for how to do it.

What can you do after a certification?

Data Scientists are one of the most sought-after professionals in today’s business world. Look no further than Cranes Varsity Institute if you’re looking to switch careers or advance your existing career. Our Data Science Course with Python is jam-packed with real-world knowledge and training. It is allowing you to work professionally and seamlessly in Data Science as soon as you finish it. This certification is a must for anyone looking to make data science a long-term part of their career. This will be an incredibly beneficial course that offers hands-on learning experiences.

And that show students how to use important and advanced data science tools like Python, Machine Learning, etc.. Data scientists also learn how to present their data findings coherently in a form that nontechnical people can understand . And which makes them extremely valuable contributors within any organization!

Why choose this course?

If you’re looking for a convenient, fully-online PG Diploma Data Science Course. So that will allow you to advance your career and pursue job opportunities in Data Analytics and Big Data, then Cranes Varsity Institute is for you. This course was created in collaboration with industry leaders like Amazon Web Services, Bitfury Group, ThoughtWorks, McAfee Technology Solutions and others to ensure high quality curriculum delivered by esteemed experts.

Also included are exclusive hackathons, masterclass, as well as Ask-me-anything sessions. Get hands on with technologies like through our Data Science certification. In addition, Data Science graduates can easily get placed into top companies like Flipkart and Intel. So what are you waiting for? Enroll today and apply solutions to big data problems.

Structure of the program

Cranes Varsity Institute has designa special course, in collaboration with experts that is offer both at Cranes Varsity’s campus in Bangalore & in PAN India on their e-learning platform.

Business Analytics and Data Mining, Data Journalism and Visualization, Machine Learning and Big Data, Development and Architecture of Data Platforms, and Cloud Computing are among the five specializations available in the program.

All of these specializations include video lectures with industry experts who have contributed to the field of data science.

Additionally, students can attend live webinars on topics such as data mining, data visualization, etc., so that they can interact with subject matter experts directly. These webinars include panel discussions where students can ask questions or share their experience on topics they are currently working on.

How much time does it take?

In 4-6 months, it will provide you with a number of job opportunities, An advanced skill set. Data scientists with limited time can find a course at Cranes Varsity that fits their needs.

Our Data Science certification program can get you started quickly and efficiently so that you can get hired in no time.

Taking advantage of our exclusive online masterclasses and Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions, you will learn from our award-winning tutors. Over 1/3rd of our students earn six digit income or more in their new jobs by taking our Data Science courses in India. No previous experience required!

Do I need prior programming experience?

IS THIS COURSE DESIGNED FOR ME? Do I need prior programming experience?: No.

Our Data Science online course is suitable for complete beginners! If you’re interested in data-oriented professions, Data Science can help you identify what’s important and have a lasting impact on businesses that depend on data as a core component of their services or products.

The process also helps you frame an idea and identify key components that will lead to successful execution – whether you’re building an application or running marketing campaigns to reach customers.

No programming experience is need as long as you are well verse in a data analysis software such as R or Python. Many courses require prior programming experience (C++ or Java), but we offer an introduction to code if you need some pointers before taking our online Data Science class!

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