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Image Annotation Services for Machine Learning – Image annotation services to label the data annotated for making usable for machine learning algorithms. Anolytics provides the image annotation service to annotate the objects in the images making the same recognizable to machines through algorithms training. It is providing the annotation services for wide different industries that are mentioned below. 

Image Annotation Services for AI in Robotics

Machine learning in robotics is possible with high-quality training data developed for computer vision. Anolytics provides annotated images of various objects like boxes in warehouses, crops or plants in agriculture and products at automated manufacturing plants. It can annotate the images to make such objects recognizable to robots and take action accordingly when commercially used. 

Image Annotation Services for Self-driving Cars

Similarly, AI in self-driving cars or autonomous vehicles is possible with high-quality training data sets. The objects on road like other motor vehicles, pedestrians, traffic signals, road sings, roadmarking and lanes are annotated for AI model developed for autonomous vehicles. Anolytics provide the training data containing the annotated images of such objects with next-level of precision for accuracy.        

Image Annotation Services AI in Healthcare

The training data AI in healthcare contains the annotated medical images that can be used to machine learning model for diagnosing the different types of diseases. Anolytics use the various image annotation techniques like semantic segmentation for brain or liver diagnosis, polygon annotation for AI in dentistry, bounding box for AI in kidney stone detection and annotation for bone fractures in x-rays and cancer detection etc. Anolytics can do this job with extra accuracy.   

Image Annotation Services for AI in Retail

AI in retail for ecommerce and retail shops with high-quality training data for customer sentiments, inventory management, footfall counting in stores and categorize the items kept in the retail stores. Anolytics provides Image annotation for retail sector with scalable solution. It can annotate the different types of image annotation services at most reasonable pricing. 

Image Annotation Services for AI in Autonomous Flying

Autonomous flying objects or drones need a huge amount of training data set to detect and recognize the huge amount of training data sets. Drones need to detect various objects come into the path while flying in the air. Anolytics image annotation services for human tracking through drones, house detection, agricultural field monitoring, and livestock management with semantic annotation.      

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Image Annotation Services for AI in Agriculture  Robots and drones are also used in agriculture and farming to utilize the power of AI and machine leering in this sector. A huge quantity of training data like annotated images of crops, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural products are annotated to make it recognizable to machines. Anolytics provide high-quality training data for deep learning in agriculture and farming.   

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